Saturday, June 05, 2010

Faith vs. Laziness

I spend a fair amount of time with young Christians. I learn a lot from their questions, their faith, their tenacity. I am often challenged by the freshness of their faith--its childlike nature convicts me of some of my jadedness.

Specifically, when it comes to some of the Christian college students I know, watching them plan (or not-plan, as the case often is) their futures makes me wince uncomfortably. I remember that looming feeling of uncertainty as I went through college. Sure, I had a major...but where was I going. What was I going to do?

I prayed, but I also pursued options. Some might call that faith + works.

I guess that is where I have found myself conflicted as I talk with young friends of mine. Their commitment to 'not worry' could sometimes be interpreted as not doing anything. I wince and twitch and feel convicted because I cannot decide if I am being faithless or they are being irresponsible.

I get into a faith versus works conflict with myself. Is 'doing' an attempt to manipulate the will of God? Is NOT doing and calling it 'faith' Christian-ese for laziness?

It is never that straightforward--and each situation calls for a prayerful examination of our motives. Nonetheless, I really liked this post by Jon Acuff. (The comments were rich too!)

"It’s OK to mix prayer with purpose, acceptance with action, surrender with sweat."

I love this way of thinking about parenting intentionally--with a hammer in one hand and a sword in the other--all while praying fervently for wisdom, patience, love and other spiritual fruit. They are His children. He has a plan for their lives. Yet, they have been entrusted into our care for a reason.

It is not our work, but His. Let's not be lazy.


.:: b e k k a h ::. said...

Great Post[s] from you [and Jon]. I don't comment often but I read your blog just about everyday. I'm a college student and I totally identify with what you're saying. Its hard to know when you should "wait on God" or when you should "step out in faith" especially when you're a perfectionist and are afraid of making ANY mistakes in life.

Kari said...

I loved this post.