Thursday, June 03, 2010

Creation Sings

There are many things about being a Mom that don't always come naturally for me.

I wish I were more patient.
I wish I had more tolerance for playing up made-up games that P & R develop where the rules either don't make any sense at all or change constantly to insure that they win.
I wish I didn't have to monitor my self-centeredness as closely--that I didn't feel so entitled to 'me time.'

I could go on...

But I realized today that one of the things I really enjoy is pausing to explore the wonder of creation. I love when we find a critter that my children rarely see and get a chance to observe it. I find such joy in their faces as we spontaneously explore and come home to look up the answers to their questions. Youtube certainly has its trash, but when it comes to animal videos it is an amazing resource!

We hit the animal exploration jackpot in our neighborhood today. We saw a beaver on the way to tennis this morning and a small brown rabbit this evening after dinner. And late this afternoon we were able to see where a red fox had made her den (from a great distance and in our car!) Turns out the fox sightings from a few weeks ago were not related to a rabid fox, just a mama of NINE kits who've made their home two blocks away from here.

After lunch today we went to a nearby planetarium and watched incredible footage of faraway stars. While I am blown away by the God of the universe when I hear incomprehensible facts about discoveries in deep space, honestly, that starts to seem so big I cannot grasp its truth. My real wonder comes in seeing the amazing creations around me...bright, curious children, kittens that purr inexplicably, mama foxes that instinctively know how to find hollowed out fallen trees to protect their young, the evolution of a tadpole, lightening bugs, the way blooms of snapdragons can snap.

All of creation really does point to the magnificence of the Creator...and it makes it very fun for me to be a Mom to budding little minds.


R said...

so comforting to know someone else struggles with the things you mentioned in the beginning of this post! i do too, and sometimes i feel bad about it. :0)

Julie said...

Not sure if you have heard of him or not, but I am sure you would be incredibly blessed by the messages of Louie Giglio. He so preaches about seeing the majesty of the Lord through creation. Love covers a multitude of wrongs. You love them and they know it. We all struggle.

C R said...

Ugh. I could've written the first part of this post. You are not alone.

S said...

We saw a huge slug moving across our driveway this morning. Even something like that kind of gross humbles me. If God cares about that little thing, how much more does He care about us. It's great to share that with your children (and watch your own issues be put in perspective).

Colored With Memories said...

i am so with you on the youtube videos! we are constantly finding answers/seeing new things on youtube!