Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wisdom for Moms

I knew a giveaway would draw out the lurkers, but Wow! Thanks for all the kind comments. You might have just schmoozed me enough that I'll give away more than one set! :-) 

I read back through my notes tonight and tried to find a way to recap that wouldn't take away from the depth of discussion Beth gives to each point on her video. I decided to record the points that resonated with me the most.

1- Being affectionate. Physical touch is not my love language. I am not against hugs, etc. but I have a few other ways of expressing my feelings that tend to rank higher on my list. The great exception is how I behave with my family. I really cannot seem to get enough of my people. I have worried from time to time that perhaps I need to start easing up on the affection...especially with my boys. I mean, when does it become emasculating? Do strong young men really want their Mama hanging all over them professing her love? 

Today Beth affirmed that I should KEEP IT UP. She reminded us that while the hugs, kisses and 'I Love You's come easily when they are little, we mistakenly ease up as our children get older. She asserted that through the conflicts that will surely come, our children need to be convinced of how much we love them. We need to make sure to say it and show it as much as possible so that when the discipline comes they will have a foundation of love through which to filter it. They will have evidence that we are making choices (even ones they don't like) because we are for them. As Beth reminded us, "Love covers a multitude of sins."

And what a picture of God's Fatherly love for us! He disciplines those He LOVES.

2- Authenticity: For the sake of my testimony to the little people who have front row seats to my life, I need to be the same person at home that I present to the world. Beth put it simply, "Moms don't have to be perfect, but we have to be real."

3- Train Them Up: Beth encouraged us to "Homeschool your kids in their religious lives." It is not anyone else's responsibility to teach my children Scripture. In Deuteronomy 6:4-7 we are exhorted to teach our children the Word. The only way I can pass Truth on is to be filled up with it first. Studying, reading, praying, worshipping, fellowshipping...those things are necessary for me to have a firm grasp of who God is so that His great love can overflow from me. I want my children to see that following God leads to a life that 'works' and want that for themselves. (Note I did not say following God brings prosperity or a perfect life...but, instead, that the joy, peace and spiritual fruit that come from Him are desirable.)

4- Be joyful. I cannot be happy all the time, of course, but I want my children to grow up in a home where they see joy, laughter and delight...not just stress, drudgery and fatigue. I chose to marry my husband. I wanted to be a mother. May I carry myself in a way that shows my desire, not my disdain for or frustration with these roles!

There were so many other wonderful points--with Scripture and Hebrew word studies to back them up--but these were my main four. A lot to chew on, but good stuff!!

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