Saturday, May 08, 2010

My List

I can remember as a child thinking it was ridiculous that adults could never list what they 'wanted' for gift giving occasions. While children can generally list what they want for birthdays, Christmas, etc. with no trouble at all, adults seem to hem and haw and say trite things like "I have everything I need."

Well, this year, for Mother's Day I am going to break this trend. I know exactly what I want and brain back! I seem to have lost it somewhere along the way. If it were not apparent by my adoption of a puppy and two kittens within 6 weeks of one another my behavior today is the ultimate proof.

We enjoyed a slow paced Saturday morning, play time in the gorgeous Spring weather and an al fresco lunch downtown before heading 3 hours south to my parent's house for a pre-Mother's Day dinner with my Mom. After driving the first 120 miles K mentioned that she needed her lovie, Lambie, in order to nap. I was driving while my husband was dictating, so he offered to climb back and get it.
"Where are the lovies packed?" he asked.
"In that plastic bucket that was next to their bag on R's bed," I responded.
"I don't know what bucket your talking about," he said.
Oh no, not the lovies, I thought. We have yet to try a night's sleep without the lovies.
"Oh no. You didn't pick up the clear plastic bucket? It was right next to their bag." I added. Surely this was just a misunderstanding.
"I didn't get their bag," he responded matter of factly.

It seems it was a little miscommunication. I thought he got it. He thought I had it. Ironically, we had ALL of our things and absolutely none of the children's!

Now, let me paint a picture for you...We were supposed to leave Mom & Dad's early in the morning to attend church 100 miles north in Atlanta and join my husband's extended family for lunch and family pictures. The only clothing we had for the children were the ones on their bodies...and they were ratty, stained, sweaty playclothes. Not exactly appropriate for our planned events for tomorrow.

We debated the options: a-turning around in order to get the lost bag, prolonging our trip by 4.5 hours and missing dinner with my Mom or b-driving on and being dressed inappropriately or c-buying new clothes. Mercifully, there was an Old Navy along our route and I was able to find $10 khakis and other inexpensive basic items (including undies!). I might have to snap a picture tomorrow and send it to the marketing people at Old Navy. :-)

The clothing issue proved to be small potatoes compared to informing my children that they did not have lovies at bedtime. They actually did remarkably well, thanks to webkinz borrowed from their cousin. And now we all have the privilege of knowing they can make it without their precious stuffed friends.

And while I do still hope I might open a box tomorrow containing all the brain cells I have lost during motherhood, I am exceedingly thankful I haven't lost my sense of humor. Goodness knows I need it.


HW said...

I've often said that giving birth depletes our brain cells. I believe the depletion continues as our children grow.

As the mother of two teenagers, I now have the cognition of a turnip.

I would have voted for the "buy new clothes" option too. So glad your little ones had some substitute lovies for the night.

Happy Mothers Day

Kirsten said...

What are lovies?

JMom said...

Kirsten- Lovies are what we call the special blankets, stuffed animals, etc. our kids sleep with. In our family, it is Lambie, Sunny and Night NIght. My children have had them since they were babies as favorite things.

Sorry for the confusion!

twiceasnice said...

Jmom....such a funny story...I can relate....OLD NAVY does need a picture, and so do we....
My girl twin still has her lovie every night, boy didn't need it about 6....wonder when your's will be ready...glad they made it tonight...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to one of the best mothers in the world...YOU!

Love Being a Nonny said...

You'll remember this story for years! :)

I had a friend who flew to a wedding and forgot the bridesmaid dress. Yep. This is a lesson learned so you won't forget K's wedding dress one day!!:)

Happy Mother's Day Jen Mom. Your children are blessed!

S said...

Someone told me that the perpetual fog would lift once I gave birth...they LIED! LOL ! The good and bad of it now is that G will finish my sentences for me when I forget what I'm trying to say. Maybe our kids will at least take care of us as we get older. Happy Mother's Day !

stormy wunderblatt said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!!