Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I did not get a box of brain cells for Mother's Day. Instead, I had a morning full of further proof of their loss.

We had some free time once we made it to downtown Atlanta for lunch, so we decided to stop by Centennial Olympic Park and allow the children to run off some energy. It was a gorgeous day, our lunch destination was only a few blocks away, and we knew sitting politely for a formal lunch after driving 2 hours was going to be asking a lot of our little energizer bunnies.

After I parked the children unbuckled and gathered on the sidewalk with my husband. I ducked back in the car to hide our portable DVD player and my cell phone out of view from potential thieves. Apparently, in my security conscious state I also manually locked the doors at that point. (Do you see where this is going?)

When I closed the driver's door and went to the back to get my make up and realized it was locked. In a scene far too reminiscent of yesterday afternoon's luggage conversation I asked my husband to unlock the car. He then reminded me that I, as the driver, had the keys. But, I did not. They were sitting next the R's car seat, where I had apparently placed them while grabbing my camera.

It is a very good thing that a- I am married to one of the most patient men on the planet and b- it had been a morning of mommy appreciation! While the children ran joyfully through the park, my hubby did this...
AAA informed us that it would likely be two hours before they could get there, so we went ahead with our lunch plans. We walked the 5 blocks to lunch. As we explained to the children what had happened with the keys K said, "Oh! I remember when you did that before, Mommy." Thanks, sweetie!

While the children were appropriately dressed, I was sans make up and my husband was not wearing the required sport coat that he had planned to change into after the park outing. Thankfully, there was an over sized double-breasted coat he could borrow and kind staff people who helped us resolve the car lock issue.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and time with my husband's extended family.

With cousins in from Maine and three generations of mothers on hand, it was a large family gathering.

The car arrived and we were able to get make up, sport coat and tie just in time for dessert!

Thanks to a kind and patient response from my sweet husband, no one lost their smiles.
And I got a precious reminder that even when I do brainless things
I am still very loved!
I am so very thankful that being perfect is not a requirement for motherhood. But I stand by my assertion that a sense of humor should certainly be on the required skills list!


psm260 said...

I love the kids' outfits!

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I'm not sure how you do it, but you get more and more GORGEOUS every single day, J!

Mindy said...

I can feel your pain! Last week - while my hubby was out of town -- I locked my keys in my car at walmart in the next town over. My poor littlest ones had to stay at PMO and preschool for an extra hour and a half while I waited on AAA. NOT FUN! I know!
Still - it looks like you had wonderful Mother's Day!

-J said...

You scored some great outfits at Old Navy!