Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Girl

I have a vivid memory of my first visit to the NICU. Specifically, when I held K for the first time I remember that she scared me to death. It was a really different feeling than when I held the boys. There was so much emotion in that tiny bundle of pink..some sort of connection on a female level. The relationships of women can be so complicated. I was overwhelmed with fear...what if we are too different to get along? What if we were too similar?

God has been faithful to remove so much of that anxiety as we have set about getting to know each other as mother and daughter.

We have some similarities in our personality. We are optimists, thinkers, people who care about others. But there are a lot of things that differ. What I delight in most about her these days is the beautiful ways God has gifted her that clearly have absolutely nothing to do with me. She certainly did not inherit her beautiful singing voice from her mother.

Although I have great appreciation for people who can make creative things with their hands, I do not have much ability in that area. K, on the other hand, is amazingly artsy and creative. She always has grand plans for something she'd like to make. When she sees a block of wood, a branch, an old toilet paper roll or even a pile of pollen she sees possibility. Case in point: This nest she made all on her own volition...pollen, Whoppers robin egg candies and a red bird made of construction paper. She even found the spot in a backyard tree she envisioned it sitting on.
It seems like such a little thing, but every time I looked outside my kitchen window it made me smile--rejoicing in the beautiful gifts packaged inside these little bodies in my home. (Note that I said 'looked.' The squirrels found the nest within about 12 hours. I think they got quite a yummy surprise inside those eggs!)


S said...

Wow! I am envious of her creativity (and especially the 'know how' to put it all together). What a georgeous bird's nest...and a great treat for the squirrels!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you took the beautiful picture for her!
What a wonderful way to show case her art work.
I love it!
Have a great day!

Allison said...

What a sweet post! My husband and I found out today that we are having a precious little girl, so this post hit home with me today! Can't wait to hold my own tiny bundle of pink! :)

storey said...

LOVE IT!!! tell her I think its super cool! and that she's a wonderful artist! (yikes, i still owe her a painting) :) love you guys!

Love Being a Nonny said...

What is so wonderful is that you recognize her creativity and you don't stifle it. Therein lies your gift! Precious girl!