Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Missing It

We have spent the last two evenings at the baseball field. It will probably come as no surprise that I have some observations.

R has been playing the position of catcher, which honestly is much more exciting to him than his previous position of left field. He gets to wear all the gear--which makes me giggle. He waddles up to the plate like young David heading to take on Goliath in a suit of armor that's way too big.
Because it is his nature to be intense, he squats behind the plate in good form and returns the ball to the coaches pitching with great purpose. Last night, he had his first big play at home. As runners for the other team were rounding the bases the ball came flying in from the outfield. It landed about 12 inches away from R's left cleat. He was so consumed by the action unfolding before him--and most likely overwhelmed by all the yelling--that he missed it. He never saw it. His Daddy & I were yelling his name--the rest of the parents in the stands for our team joined in. He was bewildered. All the runners scored before he even noticed that the ball had been at his feet.
I thought about the temptation in life to get so caught up in all of the emotion, excitement and challenges of life that we miss our big moment. How many times is there a ball lobbed right to my feet that I miss because I become more of a spectator than an active participant in this life?

The second lesson was about recognizing voices over the roar of the crowd. As everyone was yelling--the parents from the other team, the coaches and parents from our team--it all became a jumbled, indistinguishable message. How important to know, in advance, who you should listen to and how to hear their voice in the midst of the rumble of so many others! Jesus, himself, emphasized this when he spoke of the sheep recognizing their master's voice.

Tonight I find myself praying the same prayer for myself and my children. Lord, help us stay tuned in to when it is our moment to play the part in the body you have assigned, but most importantly give us ears that will always be listening for Your voice.


Amy said...

That was fabulous. Thank you. Thinking of you this week as you celebrate the lives of two dear friends.

Taylor said...

Miss J.

I grew up going to my four brothers' baseball games. The ball-field is a lovely place. In fact, I need to go watch a game soon. :-) Blessings to you and yours, and thank you for the lessons.


v佳馥虹玲 said...
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Tonya Ingram said...

He looks so cute in all his gear. Love the analogy of baseball and God!

Mary Lou said...

Great lesson for us all. You have such a transparent and loving heart for God and others.

macmama said...

And how cool it is that even though R "missed it" - you love him more today than you did yesterday!! How much more does our heavenly Father love us even after we REALLY miss it!!!

Jillian, Inc said...

I love his grown-up "catchers stance" - ha! Go R!!! I'm in my first year of 4yo baseball and I am amazed (and admittedly confused) at all of the goings on in the field during a "game". There are at least as many adults - coaching dads, hovering moms - as kids playing. My husband gets ruffled that our son won't run a straight line from second to third base and I do point out that's because he can't SEE third from second for all the people standing in the way. ha!

Shannon and Carey said...

Absolutely precious! I love the one of him kneeling. :)
-Shannon in Austin