Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love notes

It has been 4 1/2 weeks since our friend Sweeney passed away. I haven't really written about Cabell out of respect for the fact that it is her story, not mine, to tell. I pray that God one day leads her to share this part of her journey in a written form. She is so incredibly gifted as a writer. She is also wise and in tune to the heart of God. She will undoubtably know when and if the time is right.

In spending time with her and watching her I am blessed beyond words at her amazing grace and faith in walking through this difficult, heartbreaking chapter of life. I am learning A LOT.

Interestingly, the area of my life that seems to be benefitting most is my marriage. I have been so blessed to share life with a true partner--but watching a friend lose their spouse has made me TREASURE mine. It has been so sweet to see the things Sweeney left behind for Cabell, namely handwritten notes. In her home she has a few scattered around--the most poignant are not Earth shattering--just small affirmations on index cards or Post its.

My husband and I are pretty faithful to send each other little notes throughout the week...but they are almost completely via e-mail or texts. Although they get the point across, there will be nothing to physically hold years from now to remind me of those sweet words. I am, admittedly, not a 'saver of things' but when I see those notes from Sweeney to Cabell it moves me.

I want there to be tangible evidence of my heartfelt feelings for my man. As a result, I have become recommitted to the written word. It requires a little extra effort. Sending a text or placing a call certainly seems more efficient. But this seemingly 'small thing' is important enough to expend a little effort over. 

From my hand to his heart...


Chelsea & Nick said...

Beautiful post. And truly a reminder that there is beauty and some good that surfaces in pain and suffering. I am so thankful for that today.

Tee said...

I think this automated era will miss a lot of valuable history by not having hand written letters, diaries, inventories, etc. for future generations to treasure and study as part of learning about the past.

Wonderful post.

Debbie G. said...

My husband passed away 16 months ago and some of the things I treasure most are the hand-written notes and cards he sent me - telling me how much he loved me. I especially treasure one from Valentines Day one year: he had just gotten out of the hospital and could not go out and buy a Hallmark type card. So instead, he wrote me a love letter and decorated the envelope with hearts and pictures he cut out of magazines, with the words "Jim loves Debbie - what extraordinary love looks like". I am so grateful to have that physical reminder of the love we shared.

I pray for Cabell frequently when I read your blog. Thanks for walking this road along side her.

dawilson said...

My husband passed away four years ago January, and I have a story as far as the automated era goes. On our 2nd anniversary, he sent me an email. I still have it. It is saved on my home and work computers.