Thursday, April 15, 2010

DC: Day Three

Today was the perfect capstone to a wonderful trip. We had a gorgeous Spring day to enjoy the National Zoo. We spent 4 hours there--and still managed to miss the farm animals and the reptiles.
Look at the three monkeys I found. When did they get so big?
This is R and his favorite girl, M. He loves her. She is 8 months older and more than a head taller. He doesn't care.
This is my precious, ever-so-feminine daughter sniffing the feet of our founding fathers. She is seriously a clown.

It is fitting since becoming a clown is her career aspiration. I love that little slice of sunshine!

After the zoo, we walked to a Metro station and explored the city by underground rail. Our conversations about presidential history (from a 5-6 year old perspective) had anyone within hearing distance chuckling. Their explanation of Lincoln's assassination was the most hysterical: "He was just sittin' there and somebody shoot-ed him. I don't know his name, but he was a bad guy!"

We walked another mile before reloading the Metro. This is the face of a good day. It takes some serious fun to wear out a gaggle of 5-6 year olds.

Good thing there were not pictures of the Mamas--after 7 hours of head counting, street crossing, subway loading, lots of walking and exploring a city we are not familiar with...we were wiped out!

It was a great day!


Kelly said...

What fun! We have had many happy hours at the National Zoo, although most of ours seem to be in blazing heat or a torrential downpour. You had amazing weather for a day of sight seeing:-)

Pam said...

Precious photos. Making memories for a lifetime

Mom Guide said...

How Awesome! The Zoo is cool but those hills are murder on parents. :-) Love the history from a five year old.

Jenny said...

What a great trip you have had! Love all the sweet pics!!

Claire said...

Looks like so much fun!


Eleanor Oser said...

Read your blog often, but don't comment much. What a wonderful adventure for your kids! K is hilarious! What a happy personality she has!

nen said...

Wow, four can sit in a single seat. some tiny littles you got! Extremely adorable as usual! Love DC this time of year. I'm thinking the cherry blossoms are either at their peak or just past it...