Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Alabama

We had a great day today as we celebrated Christmas with my Mom's side of the family in Phenix City, Alabama. You know it is a lively family function when your uncle is wearing a pink Snuggie. (This is especially hysterical if you understood how low key and conservative Monroe happens to be.) This is the game of Dirty Santa at its finest!

My sweet K cuddling with my sweet Grandmama.
P was absolutely delighted with his gifts. Scooby Doo readers, a Moon in My Room and these awesome Thunder Tumblers. His maniacal laughter and squeals of delight left you with no choice but to giggle along with him.
Daddy's response to them was similar...especially when he started a game of chase with my sister's little dog. (This is his devious, bringing-out-the-little-boy-within grin.)
R, in true form, was very intense in his remote control operation. He appreciated his Star Wars Leapster game and 'weal two-wells for building fings!"
His ultimate delight was found in hanging out with the big-boy cousins. These precious guys were so kind to R. He reveled in their attention!
My beautiful sister, Amanda. I have called her Boo her entire life.
I cannot tell you how often I look at my K and almost call her "Boo." She looks so much like my childhood memories of my sister!
My parents live in the same house we moved into when I was only 2. My grandmother lives next door in the home my Granddaddy was born in. Returning home is truly 'home' because of the multitude of memories. I have spent every single Christmas of my life eating from a buffet on my Grandmama's dining room table and opening gifts in the living room with the iridescent peacock wallpaper. My children pounded away on the piano I pounded 30+ years ago.

No matter how drastically someone's hair, body, health or circumstances have changed year to year, Grandmama's house is frozen in time. It is a touchstone. Life comes full circle the moment you walk into my Grandmama's house.

I am reminded that no family is perfect because every member of each family is imperfect--yet, somehow, comfort is found there. The Norman Rockwell paintings of well dressed people around a perfect table are nice...but sometimes blue jeans in Alabama are just what a heart needs. Merry Christmas, ya'll!


Jen said...

I love reading your posts! I live in the same area! Is there a MOMS group near? Have a Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

I am part of ATM! I actually live between Columbus and Atlanta. I delivered my Trio in Columbus, our Pedi is there, my Dr is there, my husband works on Ft. Benning.

I actually met two of your friends a while back in Burger King in Columbus when I was dragging my Trio around in the Choo Choo Wagon. They told me the name of your blog and I have been following your ever since :-)

georgiamom said...

Blue jeans in Alabama---amen sister

BuckeyeNP said...

I think the Uncle in the pink Snuggie had the most fun!! Hilarious :)

LEIGH said...

You are so lucky & blessed to still be able to have Christmas at your Grandmama's house. I wish my boys could experience the joy of Christmas at my Meema & Grandaddy's house like I did when I was their age.