Sunday, October 18, 2009

Elevator doors

Last night I had an upsetting dream.

I was standing on a crowded platform of sorts with four elevators opening and closing to transport masses of people (a pseudo flashback to Disney, I presume.) I had the children with me, but as I stepped onto our elevator we were separated. The doors closed before I could get back off. My parting glance was of my terrified children, alone in the crowd. I was trying to shout instructions out to them for their safety, but unfamiliar with the building I wasn't sure how to best connect.

When we got to the next floor I frantically looked for a way to get back to that platform, but for some reason could not. As I was searching for someone official to help me, the elevator doors opened and out walked my three, firmly holding hands and looking a little bewildered. They had done it. They had somehow navigated through the situation safely.

Because of the nature of dreams and our memory of them, there are a lot of holes in the story. Why were we there? Did someone help them or did they figure it out on their own? I don't know.

As I thought about the dream this morning, I was struck that it is a powerful metaphor about parenthood. We teach our children how this world works, so they may one day walk through it on their own. We guide our children through challenging, confusing, dangerous situations until one day they face their first test without us. We stand on the other side of the field, school wall, examination room, etc...and wait. We are only there in little ways at 5 years old. Our tests are in the classroom, on play dates or at the playground. The older they get the bigger the tests and the more serious the implications of their choice.

I got a tiny glimpse into what future chapters of our life will look like...the bated breath I will be so often waiting with. My hope that they will stick together and/or link arms with the 'right' people to make wise choices and flee folly. Mindful that we do our best to build them up on a firm foundation, but we cannot cover every specific situation they may face. We cover the basics then pray and trust. How fearful I will be if I forget to trust God!

I prayed extra hard for my friends with teenagers today.


Traci said...

Thank you, because this mom appreciates the prayers.

dee said...

This made me cry-that they were "holding hands". Wow-what a metaphor, exactly. I have to admit, having teenagers and beyond, "the more serious the implications of their choices" does scare me occasionally, but we cover them in prayer and trust. Thank you for praying for us!

Li'l Rae said...

This mom of a teen & a 'tween' appreciates the prayers. Could not survive this stage without prayer & trust in the Lord.