Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mr. Intensity

This is a follow up to my previous post, but the same afternoon that R painted K's nails, he wanted to try to put lip gloss on me.
I tried to take these myself, while giving my make up artist full attention, so pardon the quality...but look at the intense look on his face.
Priceless! (K got a make up set from a friend for her birthday, if you are wondering about all of the newfound interested in cosmetics.)

If you could only hear the deep, raspy voice this little guy has...and see the way he walks around 'bowed up' all the time, it would make these photos even more entertaining.


micki said...

Hi my name is Micki Roberts and am Joni Pitman's sister in law has been reading your blog from the beginning and when she read about your dad have the book mad....she has twin granddaughter and her daughter blogs also...can you please tell me where your dad had that book made..we both want to do it for our children...and thank you so much for the laughter and the tears thatyou have brought to us...God knew exactly what He was doing when He picked you guys for the Parents of these precious children

micki said...

Sorry my e-mail address is

Just Terrific said...

How cute! I love the way he's holding his mouth in the 1st pic. Priceless! I'll bet you've never felt so pampered before :)

k and c's mom said...

Loving this series! Some of my favorite pictures are when my daughter was about 4 and she'd make up her 2 year old brother with tons of makeup and jewelry. He thought it was great...until now that he is 22 and we continue to show those pictures! He is a ruggedly handsome and strong young man now, but I miss those sweet little chubby cheeks and big smiles.