Thursday, May 07, 2009

Magazine Madness

Apparently all it takes to ignite my passionate spirit is a little validation that my anger is righteous. After reading many of your comments this morning, I was bolstered that maybe I am not just a crazy maniac. I spent my morning 'secret shopping' a few large stores that I frequent in my town. I started at Kroger to follow up on the complaint I registered weeks ago, then I moved on the KMart and finally returned to the WalMart where I complained yesterday. All three of them have the cover I mentioned displayed in the check out aisle--in the center rack right at eye level.

I spoke to two assistant store managers and one customer service manager. Each were appropriately appalled when I showed them the we just have to wait and see what happens. Will they act on their disgust?

I did a little research this morning and found that I am not the only one who has tried to address this issue.

As opinionated as I am, I am not necessarily one who likes to raise a stink. I do try to choose my battles carefully, but this one has really bothered me because it is so ridiculous. All three of the store managers I spoke with had no idea this was happening in their stores--and looked sincerely embarrassed when shown the cover in question. What an easy problem to solve--move them or cover them up!

The other lesson I learned is reinforcement of an old principle.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

Stand up for what is right! Each conversation took less than 2 minutes, and was met with understanding from the people I spoke with.

I have been watching a nest that a smart mama bird built in our garage. She put it in our bicycle helmet basket that stays on top on our extra freezer. It is covered, secure and safely out of the reach of our prowling cat. That mama bird cares about the survival of her offspring in a tough world.

Yesterday three of the five eggs hatched. I knew because I heard the Mama out in a crepe myrtle raising a ruckus. She was noisily warning the world to stay away from her new young 'uns, or else.

I feel strangely bonded to that Mama bird today.

"For anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins." James 4:17 NIV

What is it you need to do today?


Sitesx6 said...

Well this is SORT OF the same....

But today, I was out on my daily 4 mile power walk. I walk out in the country on a nice quiet road. I passed a home that had a bunny cage with a little bunny placed next to a shed WITH NO protection at all over the bunny. The bunny could not get out of the sun or weather at all. It started to rain when I was finishing up my walk, so I had to run to my car.

I drove home thinking of that poor little, helpless bunny-unable to get out of the rain. I couldn't stand it one more minute. I told my kids about it and we ran to the garage and grabbed a tarp and some clothes pins.

We drove over to the house (not far from mine) and put the tarp over the little bunny and clipped it with clothes pins (worked great)! The poor bunny was already SOAKED and I got soaked as I made his little home safe.

It was a small thing to do, but I HAD TO DO IT...I felt so much better-knowing he was protected from the downpour. I'll check on him daily on my walk-and if there are further issues, I'm not sure what I'll do, but I WILL DO SOMETHING.

We can all do ONE THING.....this was mine for the day.

JMom said...

Oooh, Kelly! Love that. And what a great example for your kids. :-)

Kylie, Jesse and Asher said...

I love your passion for your children's well being. You are a good mom. Now can you contact Victoria Secret and get them to cover up the "sexy" outfits in the window? It's sad that our boys will have to battle with their eyes to stay pure and that our girls will have to battle in their minds to not feel that the VS models are what their bodies need to be.....WOW! There is so much in this world. Thanks for your inspiration. Happy Mother's Day.

The Layne Family said...

I complained about the exact same magazine at KMart just yesterday. I'm appalled that it was still there!
I wasn't as lucky as you though. My son started spelling and sounding out the words before I could turn it around! Then, he wanted to know why he couldn't look at it. I told him because those are bad words. And, he couldn't understand why bad words would be on magazines for kids to see. Me neither, little buddy!

Vibrant Skies said...

As a 20-something (though not yet a mama) even I am appalled at the nature of that magazine.

Soon after reading your post yesterday, I found myself standing in line at the local chain grocery store. I happened to be in the "Family Friendly Aisle" although it was anything but. In addition to gossip magazines, the particular magazine that you wrote about yesterday was prominently displayed. Armed with the inspiration from your post, I pointed it out to the manager who told me that it was a "mistake" and that those magazines were not supposed to be in the "Family Friendly Aisle." He promptly moved the magazines to another aisle, but still. I spent the better part of this morning drafting a letter to the corporation as well as a petition.

Thank you for inspiring me to act.

Rachel said...

I applaud you!

FYI- publix covers any magazine that has so much as bare arms!

Their staff is super nice too!

missleeannskidz said...

Good for you!

I remember my own mom once yelling at a bunch of teenagers in the grocery store parking lot playing inappropriate music for everyone to hear. At the time I was totally embarrassed that she would do that but now that I am a nanny and have kids with me all the time I would do it in a heart beat.

Tee said...

Good for you! We all need to take a stand against what is wrong, and this is wrong.

This is for the bunny lady, if the rabbit owners fail to protect that little bunny, you might consider contacting the humane society in your town.

HW said...

This issue makes me think of when my son had his tonsillectomy. He was eight years old and when he was finally able to talk, he told us "the people in the operating room were using bad words before I went to sleep." He went on to explain that the doctor hadn't shown up and some of the other medical staff were using foul language as they discussed what to do. He spelled the words out and gave great detail as to what was said. I firmly believe this happened as he was not sedated before being taken to the OR - he was not imagining it as some might think. I promptly called the hospital and filed a complaint that my child was exposed to such language during an already frightening time.

It amazes me that people cannot use a little common sense when it comes to behaving in a way that will either harm or benefit the children they encounter - including the children who might frequent their stores.

Good for you for speaking with the store managers.

Amy said...

Way to go! I'm glad for you and am inspired as well. The quote from Burke and the quote from the Bible were moving, too.

Sitesx6 said...

UPDATE- on bunny news..I laid awake 1/2 the night worrying about that bunny...I came up with a plan. I'm going to PetSmart today to buy them a proper food bowl (one that screws onto the cage so the bunny doesn't tip over its food) and a little igloo shelter that goes in the cage. I figured if I just left a note with money and told them what to buy THEY WOULD NOT DO IT, so I'll go buy it and leave a note, asking them to have compassion and to please protect the bunny. (I'll be nice) and I'll buy a bag of Timothy Hay for the bunny too. I'll leave all of this on their doorstep. I walk by the house every day on my daily walk, so I'll be watching the bunny VERY CLOSELY, and I will call the H. Society (who I volunteer for) if they don't care for it and protect it. :)

Shaila Creekmore said...

After reading your blog last night, I decided to do something myself this morning at Wal-Mart if the opportunity presented itself. Sure enough as I approached the checkout with a grocery cart full of groceries, my 19-month-old in the front seat and my 5-year-old beside me, I saw the assistant manager just a few feet away.

I grab one off the rack, held it up to him and said "Do you think this is appropriate to have on your racks?" He said "I'll look into it, but I don't promise I can do anything." I said "Okay, thanks" and walked off. As I did I saw him kind of roll his eyes and the person he had been talking to and I figured that was that.

I went on to do something else and when I came back, two girls were removing them all from the shelves! I have no idea what they did with them and they may be back tomorrow, but I was glad I said something!