Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Almost Five

This always happens when May rolls around, I get reflective about the passing of time. I honestly cannot imagine that my children are really turning 5 this month. The blessing (three weeks out anyway) is that I am truly more excited about the adventure to come than I am wistful about what we are leaving behind.

So, tonight, a list of the top things I adore about this age:
1. Singing with Reckless Abandon: For the last couple of days, K has been singing a song she made up. It goes, "You can quit anything, anything, anything in this wo-o-o-r-r-r-l-d, but you can't quit loving God." She sings it over and over with such emotion (but completely off key). And I can't help but laugh.

Bless her heart. She got her Mama's vocal abilities (or lack thereof)

2. The penchant for costumes and aliases: R frequently takes on a tough guy or super hero persona and insists I refer to him as such. And just today, P had me tie a white ribbon around his head that he wore the K's dance lessons and on an errand to Michael's. He looked like a young, tough Ralph Macchio. People giggled wherever we went--and it did not phase him one bit.

3. Capability: It is amazing what my children are able to do if I stand back and let them. Among other things, they are able to set the table, make beds, operate an iphone :-), fold laundry, and move stools around to get to what they need.
There is a downside to this, of course, but I am keeping this post positive. :-)

4. The giggles: Even as I type I hear a chorus of them and it stings my heart just a little. How can I bottle that sound?

5. Their prayers: Each night P prays "for all the people in this world, for families and even for the people who don't have a family." I am not sure what prompted that a week or so ago, but it has been a daily prayer ever since.

6. Their tender hearts: The children have been speaking periodically of "the baby we are going to get that doesn't have a Mommy & Daddy." They will even occasionally find something they have outgrown and tell me they want me to save it for when the baby comes to live here.

(Because I know this is how rumors get started, there is not currently a plan for such baby. The children have asked me about having another baby in my tummy and I've explained that is not possible because of my heart. They understand the only way they would get a younger sibling is through fostering or adoption.)

7. Their questions: They are endless. They are innocent. They are entertaining. They sometimes exhaust me.They frequently leave me speechless. They always challenge me. They are a glimpse into their precious little hearts and minds.

8. Their faith: When they pray something, they believe God will do it. Period. And if they are worried about something they want to pray. I am so challenged and inspired by them in that way. Just tonight after a frustrating bedtime without Daddy I had issued my final warning about the consequences of calling me back upstairs one more time. It was quiet for a few minutes until P started yelling my name at the top of his lungs. I marched back upstairs, practicing my deep breathing exercises. As I walked in his room with 'that look' on my face he said, "Mama, it is really important."
"What?" I snapped.
"We forgot to pray for Ms. Shannon's Dad. He is sick and in the hospital. We need to pray for him."
And then he did.

There are definitely things about the energy level, strong opinions, and independence of this age that make life challenging, but such is life. There will be challenges with every age and stage. I choose joy in these moments.


Kate said...

Beautiful. I can only imagine how much you'll treasure these captured memories and ponderings as they grow older and you still have them to look back on. :)

As for your #6, maybe they know something that you don't.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful day at the Scott's...
I always love hearing how your day went...
Have a great evening...
See you tomorrow night....
Love in Christ...
Miss Dixie

Just'N Angel said...

Precious memories.

Amy said...

Excellent thoughts. I, too, am touched by the ways my young toddlers are growing. I love the request to pray by P at the end.

dee said...

With our daughter graduating from college in a few days, this made me soo cry! It had to have been just yesterday that she was five also. Thank you, it is precious.

Traci said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I am always so impressed with the angles and the way you capture their little personalities in the picture. I would make a sepia print of that one and blow it up- it's precious.

Open mouth, insert foot! said...

Off subject (although I agree 5 is awesome), I want to "steal" your way back wednesday idea so I can post about something old but I dont know how to link it to your blog. How do you link a page to one word or can you point to a place to learn this stuff..still learning! Thanks for any advice!

Aubrey said...

Oh, that all sounds so wonderfully familiar. I have never doubted anyone when they said to treasure these days, that they are fleeting and I will miss them. Even with the chaos that just is a part of life with lots of littles, I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

growingdaybyday said...

You know, it's so funny, I go through this every June. I too have a preemie and she almost didn't make it. She spent most of her first month in the NICU, but now is almost 5, preparing for kindergarten, and a blessing I couldn't have anticipated.

I am also a mother of 3. However, the big difference is, my oldest graduates from high school this week, and my middle child is finishing 6th grade right now. Picture this in the fall... I will have a freshman in college, a 7th grader in his first year of Jr. High, and a kindergartner.

They are all so different it astounds me, but each such a gift and the Lord has used them each in my life to teach me a host of lessons. I find I am a much different mom with my daughter than I was the boys. Oh the gift of age and wisdom.

I love reading about your kids and it's great to see that despite all of the rough beginnings our little ones have had, they are healthy, happy, and loving the Lord.