Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One of Those Days

I am exhausted! Today has been nonstop. By the time my Bible Study started at 9:15 I had already deposited children at school, run two errands, returned several calls and e-mail AND gotten an oil change for my car.

I slipped out of Bible Study in time for a meeting at the childrens' home, left there for another meeting before picking the children up from school--then the real fun started!

After snacks and a wee bit of down time, we took K to ballet, then straight from there to a make-up teeball game. Because this was scheduled only a couple of days ago, there were several conflicts among our team members and parents. As a result, I found myself as an assistant coach. I wish I had a warm, fuzzy description of how cute and sweet the experience was...but, seriously, it was painful.

My first role was standing at the dugout getting our players (all four year olds, mind you) ready to bat. This involved getting caps off, batting helmets on, reminding them to leave their gloves on the bench, finding a bat they wanted--and this was all AFTER we had rounded up the wayward ones who often wandered off to find a mud puddle to play in.

When our little Bulldog team took the field I found myself coaching P as he played first base.We rotate positions every game, so this was his first time in this role (and my first experience with coaching). My P has so many wonderful characteristics...but his attention span is nowhere near the top of his list. He truly forgets what he has set out to do the moment anything remotely interesting appears. Playing an action position like first base was quite a challenge, especially when there were so many treasures to be found in the dirt.

Meanwhile R was a very, very frustrated little man. He was not in an action position and it was killing him! There were tears. Then, he decided to take matters in his own hands by intercepting every play intended for P. This led to a sibling smackdown at first until I placed a wailing R, mid inning, on the bench for a little time out.

And K? Well, she was thoroughly enjoying all manner of mud--from the red stuff where she was stationed at 3rd base to the puddles surrounding the field. She was caked in mud from curly head to pretty painted toe. One of the Moms remarked as we were leaving that she was confident K was dirtier than the rest of the team put together. I am certain her uniform will never recover!

As we left the field I had 2/3 of my crew in tears--and I had that full Mommy chest feeling that always leads me to deep breathing and much prayer for patience. There are things that I can 'handle' in my husband's absence...but I learned tonight that coaching is probably not on that list. Those in-the-moment lessons about sportsmanship, self control and 'sucking it up' just felt strange coming out of my mouth. (I actually wound up handing R over to a Dad I trust for a 'guy talk.')

I think most Moms strive to do our best everyday, but truthfully some days you just do what you have to do to survive. This afternoon felt a little like that.

Thankfully after dinner on the fly, everyone was able to get through the bedtime routine quickly and fell asleep even faster. My hot tea and comfy spot on the sofa haven't felt quite so well deserved in a while.


Kellie said...

Bless you, "Momma said there'd be days like this."

Tonya Ingram said...

ohhhhh... I feel your pain! I just went through the SAME thing last week


I am still wondering... what's up with all the guys/dads/men standing around watching us do this to ourselves! I am normally an organized mom, but that experience taught me real quick that I was OUT of my league... literally! Patience was an understatement of what I needed, lol.

Michelle said...

I find it incredibly difficult to teach my children to do anything. And forget it when we are in public... Totally feel your pain. But hey, they probably won't remember being in tears but that Mommy got down and dirty and played with them.

Young Creations said...

I read your posts often and find that I learn something each and every time I read them. Tonight I read and realized that being a mom is so rewarding and yet so challenging. I too turn Adam over to other dads for some "tough it out and deal with it, Man up" talks. I am glad that I am not the only one.
Sweet dreams.

Maria said...

Reading your stories always seem to put my own in perspective. Yesterday was a bit of a struggle for me as well. Although I only have one twenty month old and his father was home in the evening, I'm counting my blessings. I felt like I was watching a rerun of The Exorcist, a couple times, yesterday and told my husband I needed a shrink! One of my struggles as a mom has been remaining to keep cool. When it's a day of multiple outbursts I really have to dig deep, that or set the child in his crib and walk away!
Today's another day and so far much better. Thanks for sharing your stories and reminding those of us with just one tantrum throwing child that it could be much more challenging.
Oh, and I bet you did a fantastic job as stand-in coach. You were always a great cheerleader!

Amy said...

I hear you! Hope today is better!

Kristin said...

Whoa! What a day! Thanks for sharing! You do a great job of managing.

MrS KsD said...

your post always make me smile, one of those "i feel your pain" smiles. we too are in our first year of t-ball. however we only have 1 playing and 1 in a stroller.

Linda said...

Forget Survivor on TV. When I have days like this, with God's help I know I am a true Survivor! Title or not.
Sounds like you handled it beautifully.

Kate said...

One of those days when you remember all over again that there are things that God created you to do...and things He didn't! I'm sure you all slept well that night.