Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Morning Prayer

Yesterday I attended a meaningful Tenebrae service marking the sufferings of Christ. It was in an Episcopal church. Although I accepted Christ in a Baptist church, spent a decade in non-denominational churches and now attend a Presbyterian church, I spent six years in parochial school (and therefore attending a lot of mass for a Protestant). I found a surprising comfort in being back in a formalized service. I enjoyed being re-introduced to the beautiful words being recited.

The words the congregation spoke as Communion ended really resonated with me.I quickly memorized the ending paragraph and it has come back to me several times in the last 24 hours.

Send us now into the world in peace,

and grant us strength and courage

to love and serve you

with gladness and singleness of heart;

through Christ our Lord. Amen.

~The Book of Common Prayer


Peter and Nancy said...

This prayer is so beautiful and simple . . . Sometimes, when you're in a particular denomination for a long time, you can become too accustomed to the written and spoken prayers. But they're so lovely if you remember to really hear them.
-- Nancy

kclark said...

My name is Kathy and have been following your blog for a long time. My oldest daughter is one year younger than your children. Planning that birthday party yet? :-) Anyway, so much of what you write really resonates with me. I thank you so much for it. In your post today, you mentioned the different churches you've attended through the years. I've gone to many also and just thought I'd get your opinion on something if you don't mind. I was attending a non denominational church for awhile but was leaving the sunday sermon a little empty so we've been attending a presbyerian church but haven't joined yet. Growing up I had been to baptist, southern baptist, methodist etc. We had my oldest daughter dedicated at a non denominational church. I was baptized by immersion in my mid-20s. The presbyterian church baptizes as a baby. If I joined that church I'd have my youngest (just turned 1) baptized there since they don't really do dedications I think. Did you have your children baptized or dedicated? I know it seems odd but I have some unbelievers in my life and I don't want to be confusing by doing one thing for one child and another thing for another child. Sorry for the long note! God Bless!
Kathy (from NJ) :-)

JMom said...

Hey Kathy- I tried to click through your profile to send you an e-mail and it didn't work out...I hope you see this.

I am not sure. I am not as much of a doctrine person as a heart person, so I try not to get too tangled up in these types of issues...but I totally understand your not wanting to cause a stumbling block or confusion for the non-believers in your life. Have you talked to a pastor who might have a Biblical direction for you?

We baptised ours as Presbyterians when they were babies...(the wording was much about committment to raise them as Christ followers, like a dedication in a Baptist church) There is a part of me that hopes when they make their own decisions for Christ they will be able to be immersed one day. (More bc I treasure the memmory of my own so well since I was 13)

I have seen adult and older child baptisms in our church, especially when a family comes from another denomination--this way you have done the same for both.

Maybe another commenter has a better answer???

Colored With Memories said...

beautiful prayer...isn't it great they different denominations/service types can speak to our hearts in different ways.

we're presbyterian too...used to attend a huge pca church in dallas, but now go to a smaller one near home. are y'all pca too?

Tonya said...

I think this post is great! I posted something about Catholics/Protestants on my blog a week or so ago, as so often there is a great deal of confusion about what makes one a Christian. I just loved reading this! I went to a Catholic wedding last year and found the traditional service to be beautiful.

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Did you go to St. Peter's? We always have a beautiful service. They all end like that. Each service reminds you - why you are there - from direct gospel.