Friday, April 24, 2009

Money Troubles

Our new Mason Jar money system has been in effect for several weeks now. The idea was to start helping the children understand the value of money, tithing and saving. It has been going very well until today.

I caught one of my precious angels removing all the paper money from their "Give" jar and putting it in their "Spend" jar. When confronted, the little one was dishonest.

Not sure how to handle it, I took him up to his room and put him in his bed for 10 minutes. After about 5, he called me in his room and told me 'the truef.'

As I explained why what he did was wrong, I mentioned that it was dishonest and that he took money from God. "That was God's money," I explained.

Through tears he retorted, "Na-uh. God did not make that money. It came from a factory!"


Shannon and Carey said...

all I can do is laugh at this one. Oh man. Is this how hard it gets? Oh boy. I am on the horizon of cute little stories and imaginations.
-Shannon in Austin

HW said...

When our son was about five he had coins in his hand for the collection plate at church. When he wouldn't put them in, I did the hiss-whisper "PUT THE MONEY IN!"
And he very loudly announced "If I give my money to God I won't have enough for lunch after church!"

I guess what I'm saying could be worse; it could have been in public.

Another precious story.

Bethany said...

Awww- you've got a smart kiddo there! Way cute...

Christine said...

My older daughter just turned 5 and has left us wondering where the logical negotiating brain came from! When did that show up!

I thought of you last night. The worship team from our church is attending a local worship conference last night and today and last night's keynote speaker was Francis Chan. Your post awhile back about "Crazy Love" came right on the heels of me discovering he was scheduled at this conference. I immediately added "Crazy Love" to my tottering pile of books to read. I started it but haven't gotten all the way through it. Too many books, not enough time for Mommy to read them! Anyway, his message last night was so fantastic. I'll be finishing it here very shortly, I have no doubt!

Tee said...

How did you keep a straight face when he said that? LOL I would have lost it.