Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This afternoon when the children and I got home from school our tree man was waiting on me in the driveway. In addition to the three trees we lost a few weeks ago, he found another HUGE dying oak in our backyard that must come down. It is a big job because it is massive and very close to my house. As I went in the backyard to talk with him, I sent the children inside to get a snack.

When I came back in the house about 5 minutes later, I heard mischievous giggles. Joni will be happy to know I did not disappoint in my 'fastest camera draw in Georgia' title...I was armed.

I am not sure if you can make it out, but the powder room sink was filled with bubbles (from the hand soap that had been emptied.) K was standing on the toilet (not normally allowed) giving P a bubble hairdo.
I did not give them too hard of a time since I suppose I have not ever expressly forbidden them to make bubbles in the sink and cover themselves with them. I clarified that it was probably best to leave bubbles in the bath tub, not waste soap or stand on toilet seats.

We went on to have a great afternoon outdoors, planting sunflower seeds and playing in the sand and water table. At 4:50, I asked the children to come in so we could wash up for church. K & R dutifully responded...P did not. As I was helping R, I asked K to please go get P and tell him it was time to leave for choir practice.

She came running back in the back door a few seconds later with a shocked and almost gleeful look on her face. "Mama!" she said breathlessly, "He has sand ALL OVA his head. He is dumping it on his head, then usin' his head to dump it back on the table."

As I called his name, a soaking wet, sand-covered, tearful P shuffled up to the back steps. It was clear to me that his tears were in anticipation of the punishment he might face--not any real regret over his actions.

When I asked him WHY he put sand and water all over his head when we were on our way to church, he told me it was an accident. Can't you just picture a scenario where getting sand and water on top of your head would be accidental?

I told him that I had a hard time believing that his answer was the truth and gave him another shot. This time the answer was mumbled, "wanted to see what would happen." I have heard that one before--and it is probably the truth. P is a sweet child, whose curiosity often gets him into trouble.

I think the rest of the truth is that he got so caught up in the fun he was having that the consequences never occurred to him. Haven't we ALL been there? When I called his name, it snapped him back into reality...and he suddenly realized his fun was likely to lead to negative consequences.

In our couple's small group tonight we talked about wisdom. The truth of life is that we must decide whether to allow ourselves to be swept along in the tide of circumstances, emotions and opportunity or choose to walk in wisdom.

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. Proverbs 27:12 (NIV)

SUCH truth! Oh, how I hope we can learn to take refuge from danger rather than continuing on a path that may lead to harm. I pray this for my children...and I pray it for my husband and myself.

Taking refuge and/or changing course can often cost us something: pride, fun, relationships...but in the end it will save us from inevitable suffering.

I think I feel a new memory verse coming on...

If you are interested in a little more on this from Andy Stanley, check this out.


Joni said...

Wow. You are pretty quick with that camera.

I challenge you to a camera duel beside the pool this summer. We'll have to clear out the children, though, so we can count off twenty paces. May the best man win.

Hilarious post.

Aubrey said...

I LOVE when my children say 'I wanted to know what it would do'. It is the most honest answer, and it just melts my heart and any anger I may be holding. Great post!

Linda said...

I love this. I love how you handled it and you have pictures to look back on a fun moment.