Saturday, March 07, 2009


My recovery is going very well. I am a bit sore, but overall, am pleased with how I am feeling. Laparoscopic surgery is the way to go!

I have napped a couple of times today, but have primarily been sitting around watching my family interact from the sidelines. And I have noticed something...I am not a big fan of the sidelines! As much as I long to be a Mary, there is a whole lot of Martha in me. I am ready to be able to snuggle with my kiddos again. I want to run and play in the yard. I want to hug them tightly without fear of a tender incision spot getting bonked.

As much as the thought of 'rest' seems appealing during the chaos of life with little people, the truth is, it is a bit boring. I am ready to be back in the mix. I was able to listen to the glorious soundtrack today: From my bedroom I could hear their giggles. From the kitchen I could hear delighted squeals as they played outside. Throughout the day I was able to eavesdrop on their imaginary games and their hilarious conversations with one another.

Being on the sidelines has renewed my perspective on the joy of being in the trenches--and for that I am grateful. I hope as I look upon these scars in the years to come they will remind me of this lesson. Life is sweet and the noise in this house is a precious melody (for the most part). :-)


Bailey's Leaf said...

And with your healing, you can hear the healing of your family. Your family hasn't been feeling so well, so I'm glad that they have been trotting around giggling and laughing together. P is feeling better? Hopefully little man didn't miss a beat!

We mommies don't stop too often. I had a doctor tell me once that she knew that I had to be sick to be in office asking for a prescription. She said, "Moms don't come until they are very sick."

Glad that you are taking care of yourself and (as I tell our K-) listening to your body. Much easier to take care of those pesky health thingies when they are a bit more low level!

Mend well, my friend. Prayers to you and your family.

Karla said...

Great insight!

ACC-mom said...

well put! funny what can remind us of how much we love being a mommy!

Lee Anne said...

Love your insight on this. I sometimes wish to just have a nice relaxing day and this reminds me that is over rated. :) Thanks for the reminder!