Saturday, March 07, 2009


Surgery yesterday went very well. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I am out of bed and moving around--albeit a bit more slowly and cautiously than usual. The children have been sweet troopers and my husband has everything running beautifully.

Since I have been out of it for the last 24 hours, there is not much to write about, but here are a couple of links I have been wanting post for a while: (Thanks, Randi!)

For all the other non-scrapbookers, here's a practical way to save important things for your children.

This is a wonderful idea for reminding your family of God's faithfulness.

Have a great weekend.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

I'm sure you've been "briefed" on this but do take it easy for a few days. I had my gall bladder out in 2005 - all very suddenly - and didn't have little ones at home clamoring for my attention. I decided I was "more well" than I thought and ended up back in the hospital. So heed the rest advice so you CAN be up and running much sooner. :)

Prayers for you, my dear! I'll be ready to hear about your children's "get well offering" which I know will be forthcoming!

Emily said...

Glad that your surgery went well. I hope and pray your recovery is quick! I have three kids too and know that they will want and need their mommy back soon!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Glad that you are up and moving -- even as slowly as it is.

Gotta love good kids and great husbands!

Heal well!

Todd and Randi said...

So glad you are doing well. I was a little concerned when I didn't hear from you yesterday. Don't I get some props for the links?

JMom said...

Props given! :-)

Sandy said...

Thank you for linking to me - I hope you enjoy my blog :) Blessings, Sandy

Sandy said...

BTW, my cousin just had triplets. I sent her your link!

Jillian, Inc said...

A day or so late in sending well wishes, but glad everything went well. Hope your recovery is quick and smooth!

Tara D. said...

So glad your surgery went well and that K is better, too!

Can you send me the link to the blog book company your FIL used to make your "blook." I tried to peruse your previous posts and couldn't find it. I would sooo appreciate it!