Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not Like Us

Last night as I was getting my children to bed, K protested about the fact that, "we keep going to bed when it is not even dark outside yet!"

I told her it was because we changed the clocks, which led to an onslaught of questions. Attempting to stifle her successful attempt at a stall tactic, I told her we could talk about it in the morning. I forgot about it, but you can bet she did not! This morning she asked me to explain.

I gave her a very simple explanation involving farming and the need for more daylight to which she replied,"So, did the people just tell God they were going to change the time around?"

This led to my explanation of God's omnipotence and how it was hard to think about God sometimes because He can do so many things we cannot. "It is called powerful," K said.

I affirmed that and added that He could see all of us at the same time. "Isn't it amazing that He knows what BeeBee and Grandmother and Aunt Amy and our family are all doing right this minute?" I asked.

K's eyes got big and R (always the bottom line guy with the answers) said, "Yes, it is because God is not like us."

Yea, they are getting it, I thought, until R added, "God can turn His head ALL the way around North, South, East and West! We cannot do that."


Hannah E. said...

How cute! That made me smile.

Traci said...

So cute. I remember that age so well- it is so enjoyable and profound. How fun that you have 3 at that age all at once- I'm sure it makes the conversations so much more interesting. Easy for me to say huh?

It goes fast- you'll blink and they'll be 12 and asking you to drop them off here or there.


Vera said...

That is SO cute!

Cathy Brown said...

Your posts always make me smile.