Friday, March 20, 2009


A few weeks ago I posted about a passage I had read in Scripture about 'vows' and the importance of taking them seriously. I was specifically thinking about Lent when I wrote that, but as it has rattled around in my head since, I started thinking about other vows I have made in my life.

These thoughts naturally led to my marriage vows. We did not write our own, choosing to stick with the traditional lines of 'love, honor and cherish.' I am a broken human being, just like everybody else, working hard to show my husband that I love and honor him, but something about the word cherish struck me. I had to go and look it Roget's Thesaurus I found this definition: "To recognize the worth, quality, importance, or magnitude of."

I love it...and that is my challenge for tomorrow (and hopefully beyond) to honor my vow, keep the promise I made before God and all those witnesses. I want this to be more than 'stay together and don't cheat emotionally or physically.' I want this to be an active list of Do's.

Lord, show me ways to actively love, honor and cherish my husband. Give me fresh eyes to see his worth and importance not just as my flesh or the world perceives him, but as a dearly loved child of yours--and a gift you sent just for me. May we take seriously the vows we made, fulfilling our responsibilities to one another so there is never any room for anyone else to do so.

P.S. When I reread this Sunday morning, I struggled with insecurity that someone will 'read into it.' For the record, nothing is happening in my marriage remotely scandalous...I desire to be vigilant to insure it doesn't--and frankly, I simply want to do well with marriage and love my husband the way  pledged to and the way God has commanded me to. 


Kylie, Jesse and Asher said...

For the record...when I read the post it did NOT lead me to think anything was "going on" in your marriage. It's awesome that you long to uphold your vows to your husband and work to have a successful marriage's such an important piece of marriage. Marriage is fun and wonderful but requires action and pursuit. Thanks for reminding me to NEVER forget the vows I took with my husband and to be active in being better and better each day at being a wife to him...I needed to read this post.

Mindy said...

I also did not read anything into it.....I do think it is just like Satan to try and make you worry what others will think of what you wrote.
Just think, if he'd suceeded, those of us out here reading wouldn't have received a wonderful encouragement to cherish our own husbands more. AND that my friend will bring glory to God.