Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Four Year Old Theology

Yesterday afternoon while the boys were in their pottery class, K & I went to WalMart. (I am resisting the urge to write about the woman in line ahead of me with only a dozen items who said,"Don't worry. I'll be quick!" as she proceeded to pull 84 tubes of chapstick out of a red bucket I thought was a lone item! Yes, they had to be entered a handful at a time.)
Anyway, K & I selected Valentine treats for the boys that had candy inside purple plastic hearts. They were indifferent about the candy, but the hearts were real treasures. As we were unloading later at ballet, R said, "Mama, this is my heart with God inside."
The P added, "I am going to carry mine around with me so God can remind me to be good and kind."
I wonder if that would work for me?


This morning as we were getting ready for school K came running into the dressing area and said, "Mama! Quick! There is something in my bed."
Upon examination I found it was strands of hair that had fallen out during the night.
Seizing a teachable moment, I ran my fingers through my hair to show them how easily hair falls out and added, "Did you know the Bible says God knows how many hairs are on each of our heads?"
"When we get to heaven can I ask Him?" P inquired.
"And He won't have to talk to us in a whisper then. He can use His big loud voice."
K interrupted, "Mama, what about the babies in heaven?"
"What do you mean?"
"I was thinkin' how they get around Heaven. I think God carries them."

Oh, how I want their hearts to remain so pure!


Mindy said...

I love the thought of God carrying the babies around in heaven! SO sweet!

Lauren said...

That just made me cry! What a tender heart your K has!