Thursday, August 14, 2008

God is Faithful

Today was a sweet day in the life of our family! THANK YOU for all the well wishes and prayers. I truly felt covered and God proved His faithfulness to the 'small things.'

Don't they look enthusiastic? The schedule/list was a great thing, as we were able to get everyone ready and out the door in under an hour (including breakfast) with very little nagging. (For those that inquired, I made it in Word with clip art, feel free to save it and reuse for yourselves.)

I really wanted two specific things today (in addition to the children having a wonderful experience): I asked God for a special 'moment' with each child and I did not want to cry in front of them. I woke up at 2:30 this morning anxious about those two things. Our dropoff is to the playground, then all children go in at the bell. There was not really an option to walk them into their rooms. How were we going to manage both of those things?

But God was faithful and He made it happen. As we were unloading the car K handed me a flower she had picked from the yard at our house. "I picked this for my teacher, but I want you to have it."

Then as we were preparing to walk across the parking lot, R grabbed my hand and said, "Mama, can I hold your hand until we get there?"

As we got everyone settled on the playground and lingered for a moment to ensure everyone was secure, P was introduced to a boy from his new class. The boy was crying, so P immediately wrapped his arms around JD in a great big hug. (I was later told that he did this at least 3 other times with children who were sad: hugged them and told them 'it will be OK.")

When it came time to leave, I took a deep breath and attempted to nonchalantly hug and kiss each child goodbye. I almost cracked each time, but the tears stayed at bay until I walked back to the car. There were no tears from the children. They were ready.

I was SO thankful to have my sweet partner with me. We went for a quick breakfast, then he headed in to work while I went to take care of a long delayed car repair. I spent 2 hours in the waiting room preparing my To Do list for the year (56 items so far). I was suprised at 11:15 by a phone call from my man inviting me on a lunch date (a rare treat!) We decided to swing by the school and stealthily check on everyone (each of their classes has 2 way glass). We pulled into the parking lot and saw them happily playing on the playground (all three classes have recess together). We didn't even need to get out of the car.

I must admit 6 hours was a LONG time to be on my own, but when I returned to get them this afternoon I felt refreshed and so excited to see them.

All three had exciting details of their day. (Naps, coloring, snacks and the playground were the favorite parts of the day.)

I asked this afternoon if anyone used their 'kissing hand' to remember how much Mommy & Daddy loved them. P replied matter-of-factly, "No, I didn't need mine. I know you love me."

I received an early morning e-mail from Robin, a triplet mama. I chuckled aloud because it really summarized how I felt about the morning. She recounted her own 'first day' experience with her trio and ended with this, "Their moment to shine didn’t directly include me. Their little set of wings worked just fine."

My greatest hope as a Mama is for my children to know unconditional love and for their lives to exude generosity, love and kindness that points people back to the source of their hope. I think we are off to a great start!


Kim said...

What a wonderful first day! I'm so glad it went as beautifully as you hoped. Sounds like they all had a great day.

PS. Love the breakfast shot! You should do one every year on the first day of school.

Kelly said...

Glad the first day went well. I've been thinking about you this week. Thinking about how hard it is for any mom to take their child to the first day of school - but I've never even considered how difficult it would be to send 3 at one time and balance all of the things like knowing parents, birthday parties, etc. I know you will handle it all with ease but thanks for beign honest and sharing.
The kids look PRECIOUS for their first day. I bet everyone just wanted to squeeze them. And how sweet for P to hug that boy - what tender hearted children you have raised. I don't think you could ask for anything better than that.

Courtney said...

way to go!!!!! i teared up just reading about your experience...thinking only one year into the future for my own day where I let them open their wings on their own...oh wow. not ready...not yet

life with the wisners said...

don't think i'm silly. but seriously? i've been praying for your three little peanuts all morning. all. morning.

i know we don't know each other, but i have always admired your "realness" and honesty.

i have SO ENJOYED your posts leading up to this day. i have a boy who is starting his last year of preschool (which is five days a week) and a daughter is starting her first year of preschool.

i love your morning routine. we have had one but i tweaked mine a little when i saw yours.

anyway, blah, blah, blah...thanks for the day 1 recap. and how wonderful that you and your husband got to spend some quality time together.

praise Jesus for such an incredible day for all five of you!

Jenna said...

So glad the day went well!!! You and your crew are in my thoughts! I know ya'll are so proud of those little cuties - they are precious and I know they are taking their classes by storm! How could they not looking so adorable and being SOOO sweet. Thanks for sharing!!!

k and c's mom said...

Thank you for sharing your precious story. God is so faithful. We are all so grateful for that!

Michelle said...

I'm glad they had such a great first day! Their independence is a true testimony of what a wonderful job their parents have done. : )

MaryBeth said...

I loved hearing the precious moments you had with each one of the kiddos!! They are a very sweet bunch. Glad the day was a good one for everybody.

Katie said...

I'm so glad things went well! I can't wait to hear all about it at church.
miss katie

Whitney said...

I am so thankful your day went well. Your words have been hitting home this week because mine are starting preschool in 2 weeks. It is only 2 mornings a week so not exactly what your trio is experiencing but it will be their first time away from me. Thanks for letting me know it will be okay! I saw that email from Robin today too and printed it to remember when I drop mine off on their first day. Sleep well tonight - I am sure you will!

dana peek said...

Jennifer -
I know you have a lot on your plate with a new school and new people to get to know but we are an easy bunch and we are glad you are there! :) Julianne played with Kate apparently this afternoon on the playground and she mentioned parker to us this afternoon. I would not change one single thing about decision to come to MSR; we LOVE it! Your kids are gonna SOAR here. Call me if you need anything or have questions about the routine. :) see you tomorrow.dana

Perri said...

I love the picture of P comforting his new friend. That alone should tell you what an amazing job you're doing.

Triplet Mama said...

I am so happy the 1st day went well! It brought back a memory, someone was telling me about their daughter's 1st day in school. It went really well, she was excited and told her parents all about it. Then her mommy said, well, I am so glad you liked it cause it's school again tomorrow. The little girl started crying. She thought it was just a one time thing! So cute!

elizabeth said...

Glad it went well. I just cried reading this. I remember the feeling.

By the way, I left you an award on my blog . Participate if you want to.

Colorado Dreamin' said...

That was a lovely post! It is hard to know how to fill your time when your children are not around when you have grown so used to being the center of their world and they yours. What a sweet thing, a date with your sweetheart! How fun!

peapodsquadmom said...

My trio begin pre-K next fall and I'm already anxious about it all. I am and always have been with them all day every day. I honestly don't remember how to live out a day without them. And I know I'll miss them so very much. Still...I am inspired by the grace with which you handled your experience. I count it such a joy and blessing to be able to be home with my miracles...even if it does mean that first day of school will likely be very tough for me.