Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What They Hear

Tonight K & P were sitting at the kitchen table practicing cutting with scissors.
As I complimented how well they were doing, P announced, "I did this at therapy before, Mom."

"I know. You learned a lot in therapy."

What he said next FLOORED me. (As background: P has a diagnosis of mild Cerebral Palsy due to a small bleed in his brain as an infant. I have never explained it to him, because he has not asked and it has not seemed to be necessary. He is mainstreamed in school and performing beautifully. Three years of early intervention benefitted him greatly and he was released from therapy last year.)
Let this be a lesson, they hear EVERYTHING.

"Yeah, I went to therapy when I had blood in my head. But I don't have that anymore. When I get bigger I might have some more blood in my head and then I'll go to therapy again. Right, Mom?"

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