Monday, December 10, 2007

Questions Answered (updated)

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and since I am a compartmental thinker I am in the mood to wrap some things up. There are quite a few "loose ends" around the old blog that have been bugging me in regards to questions people have e-mailed me or left in the comments that I have not answered. So, today is the day!

Here is the link for how to pray for or give to the father of triplets whose wife passed away last week in Tuscon, Arizona.

Here is a link to more information about the infamous Pink Pig I have referred to this week. It is as much about tradition as anything else, as my husband rode the Pink Pig as a child.

I did not post my chili recipe the other day, because seriously, I am not a very good cook and I am sure there are much better recipes than what I literally made up as I went along. I will however send my highest praises for this green bean recipe from Pioneer Woman. I have made it twice this month. It is comfort food and I LOVE it!

And here's some honesty regarding some of my grand goals that haven't gone so well:

1. I still really need to get my rear in gear on consistent morning quiet times being a priority. I know all the reasons to do it. My days are so much better when I do. I really cannot explain why this is such a battle. The children are back to getting up at 6 (or earlier) and I do not like the early morning so much, which leads to #2.

2. I am back on caffeine, albeit at a much lower dose. Unless it has been a rough night with the children I normally start the day with decaffeinated coffee and strive to only have 1 Diet Coke and perhaps one glass of tea at lunch or dinner. I have my cardiologist's approval. Two servings a day is MUCH better than the 5-6 I previously enjoyed.

3. Those letters I was going to write (one a day in November)? I only managed nine.

My Christmas cards are finished and out. All gifts are purchased and everything except the kids' gifts are wrapped and under the tree. In exchange, my laundry room is overflowing with things waiting to be put away, my To Do stack is backed up and the back of my car is so full of who-knows-what that there is no room for me to put groceries.

Anything else I need to address?

EDITED TO ANSWER TONYA's QUESTION: My kiddos' closet is a very eclectic collection of things I splurged on vs. things I picked up on the $3 rack. For example, in my favorite picture of us running through the grass in Maine, the children are wearing sweatshirts I got on clearance at K-Mart for $3 each and shorts from Old Navy that were under $5. I just always have my eyes peeled because coordinating boys and girls is a challenge. (And I resell the clothes they outgrow and put it towards new ones.)

My favorite place to splurge is Tenille & Co. (who is having a huge sale right now). I also find fun things occaisionally at Ragsland, Kelly's Kids and Just Ducky Originals. For play clothes, I love Target, Children's Place and Old Navy.

I am a big fan of Ebay for myself, but cannot pull that off on kids clothes since I need 3 of each thing. Hope that helps!


The Little Woman and Hubby said...

THE PINK PIG! My brother and I used to ride the Pink Pig at Rich's Department Store when it was downtown. You understand this was in the 1950's. LOL! It was an annual tradition that we absolutely loved.


Sniz said...

At least you have the cards done and most of your shopping done and now that you've written this loose ends post, I'd say you're doing great. I went the site and looked at that green bean recipe. I really like that site and will be back. Since both of you say that recipe is good, well, I guess I have to believe it, but the whole tomatoes don't looks too appetizing in it!

Fran said...

You are doing marvelous and way ahead of me!! I'm doing things in "pieces." A little here, a little there. Its working well unless the 24th gets here and I've forgotten something HUGE!

Have a good day. You are a wonderful momma! You always bless me.

Sun said...

I just found your blog this past year and it has become one of my frequent stops. You have a heart for Him and that has inspired me, challenged me, and I LOVE to read your posts! I just want you to know that through your honesty, your walk with God and your posts you are touching other's hearts! So as we approach the Christmas season - know that many are thankful for you, your blog, and your words that stir us on to becoming better mommy's in Him! Sunshine

Sherri said...

I just found your blog...through another blog and was sucked in immediately. Your story is beautiful and inspiring. I can imagine that it will take a long time to "get over" what make peace and feel closure with it all. I just thank God that you are here to enjoy your beautiful family. I look forward to "getting to know" you.

Tonya said...

I am one of your most loyal readers (I think), but there is one thing you Must do for the viewing public. Give us a short list of favorite stores where you get THOSE AWESOME CHILDREN'S CLOTHES!.

I have two boys (2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years) and a little girl due in May and I take great pride in their appearance (yeah, I know pride is a sin). But your photos are whole other story, they look like a stylist did them. Please please please give us a hint. . . and thank you in advance

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Great Q&A!!

Here's my question. When I watched the Youtube video that you posted the other day (which, BTW was adorable!) your trio seemed so wonderfully behaved. They were in tune with each other. There was no fighting over the monkey. No smacking each other in the head. No yelling or screaming. Is that what it's always like at your house?? Do your children always get along so beautifully?

I haven't posted any videos of my kids lately because every time they are within 6-inches of one another, they are fiercely battling.

What gives?? Maybe I need to pray more?? It seems like that is ALL I do!!

JMom said...

Jen- There's a reason I videoed was unusual! :-)
Also, since mine are a few months older, I will encourage you we are entering a new phase where they are enjoying each other more. I think age helps! (and catching them in a good mood with the video camera!)

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I thought about you when I heard about the mom of triplets.. and I prayed a praise of thanksgiving...

be blessed