Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a Way to Wake Up

4:45am "Mommy, I need to go teetee. Mommy! MOMMY! I need to TEE TEE!!!"

I fumble, scramble, trip and stumble my way out of bed and down the hall to find R standing in the middle of his bed holding the front of his diaper.

"OK, buddy."

I scoop him up and deposit him in the restroom, pulling down his pants in the dark. Then I simultaneously hear and feel the evidence that he was already going as I undressed him. I turn on the lights to confirm my fears. What a mess. I clean him up, clean the bathroom, then clean myself---trying to move quickly and quietly to salvage any ability to get him back to sleep.

4:52am I climb back into my bed and pray for the best.

5:08am P is awake and yelling, "MOMMY! COME HERE. I NEED YOU. MOMMY!!!!"
I get up to quiet him down. He is wide awake.

5:17am P is yelling again. My husband decides to go ahead and get up since his alarm will sound in a matter of minutes.

5:20am P is in my bed, in an effort to at least get him out of the room his brother is in--and so I don't have to keep getting up and going to him.

5:25am R is awake, too. Calling me. Loudly.

5:28am I am in bed, flanked my two wiggle worms. Despite my best efforts to teach them to whisper I am being peppered with enthusiastic questions LOUDLY.

A few moments of quiet settle in---ahhhhh. Savor this sweetness.

Suddenly, P breaks the silence, "Mommy. Sing that feel good song where the man screams."
It is 5:40 and I am singing James Brown with my sons. They are giggling and singing along. "What's da next part say?"
Groggily, eyes still closed, I whisper-sing, "When I hold you in my arms."
P shouts, "Mommy! We don't CHEW yo' arms!!!!"
The three of us are giggling again. Now K is awake.
It's over. There is no use fighting it anymore. Our day has begun.

What am I going to do when the time changes in a few weeks?


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I hate that your morning started so early...but I'm thrilled that it was the sound of a little one telling you he needed to go potty! What a great accomplishment. Even if he didn't make it there...it's still a mountain that was almost conquered! :-)

Big Mama said...

The time change is the worst invention ever, once you're a mama. It's not easy singing James Brown songs before 6 a.m.

LilyLakeMom said...

I don't know how you do it! And you can't even crawl out of bed for some caffeine! You are my idol :)
And a really great mom.

keri said...

ouch, that is way too early for this mama!! i am mean mama anytime before 7am! :)

JamieLynn said...

My favorite part of your morning is their request to hear "that feel good song where the man screams." So sweet! And you are such an inspiration!!

Jenny said...

Oh mercy, that's early!! I hope they all settle in for a nice little nap this afternoon, and maybe you can catch a little cat nap too! Morning snuggle time is a precious time though, even if it does happen at 5am. :)

Carrie said...

Do you think it's the change in the weather that makes them wake up so darn early? My Sam hasn't slept past 6 in over a week. I continue to be impressed by your caffeine free adventure.

Amy D said...

We've had a few early mornings ourselves lately. Fun, fun, fun. Can't imagine singing James Brown that time of day, lol! But even on my grumpiest of early mornings those sweet boys can make me smile. Great post - and here's to more sleeping in the wee a.m.! :)

Keri Ann said...

Wow. I can't even imagine getting up that early, much less interacting with 3-year-olds, and MUCH LESS singing to them! I hope God blesses you for that effort with many, many days-in-a-row of 8:00 wake-up times! :)