Sunday, September 09, 2007

Getting Practical

I have no idea how to make this a cohesive post, but I have a few things that have been making my life easier lately. Since I know many of the folks that read this have small children and grandchildren, I thought I'd share.

1. A few weeks ago during my post about teaching grace at a young age, I received a few recommendations for The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones. We have several different storybook Bibles at our house, but this one surpasses them all. The illustrations are really cool and the Bible stories are engaging even for 3 year olds. Best of all, they start telling the story of Jesus from the very beginning. We read a different story each night before bed and all three children sit still to enjoy this book. (A rarity!) If you do not own this, I recommend it. It would also make a terrific gift.

2. If you are looking for something new for quiet times, I just found this at my local Barnes & Noble (although the price on is much better). This new 90 day devotional by Beth Moore is a beautiful, sturdy book with torn edge pages that BEG to be written in. Each day's devotion can truly be done in 10 minutes or so. There is a David version and a Jesus version. Another great gift idea!

(I am glad I made this a to list because this transition will be terrible.)

3. For those of you with little people who potty a lot, I wanted to pass on a tip. I keep a little potty chair in the back of my car with a stash of used grocery sacks, toilet paper, Purell and old diapers. Because I am a self-avowed public bathroom hater, we use this a lot. To keep clean up simple, I put a grocery sack in the potty as a liner with a diaper in the bottom for absorbency. After our potty break, the whole bag can be tied up and disposed of without messy clean up. Hope that helps someone!

4. Finally, if you are looking for a great challenge this week, I encourage you to read Ann's post about SMILING at your children more often. I was so struck by the powerful simplicity of this challenge. We do a lot of things as Moms (some intentional and many reactionary). I started trying to make intentionally smiling at my children a part of my day last week--and it is truly making a difference--in their attitude and mine. Try it!


Mindy said...

HI! Thanks fpr the great suggestions! I really like the potty idea as I still have one child who hasn't learned to use the potty yet......
Can I ask a question?
I LOVE the initial sweaters your kids are wearing in these pictures. Can you tell me where you got them?
In HIM -

Deidre said...

I love this devotional! I have been reading the "90 days with Jesus" for the past 3 weeks during my quiet time. I'm really enjoying it, and you're right, it would be a great gift.

Keri Ann said...

I love the idea of using a diaper in the bottom of the grocery sack. I'm like you, willing to do whatever necessary to avoid public restrooms, so we use an inflata-potty in the car. But I like the idea of picking up a bag with a wet diaper in it instead of a bag with just...WETness in it! And since we have a little one still in diapers, they're always on hand. Thanks for that tip!

And I'll be checking out those Beth Moore devotionals, too...

pikeandy said...

I purchased the Jesus Storybook Bible based on the recommendation on another blog. My kids are ages 5 and 7 and they cheer in the evenings when I pick this book up. We have to read TWO stories from it or they will offer to put back the book they picked so I will read another story from this book. I have never seen this reaction to any other book we have read.

masters said...

J- I am Diana's mom - the smiling bit brought back sweet memories. When my now 50 year son was in elementary school, he asked me one day when I picked him up, why I always looked mad, it took a minute to realize while in the uphill line to pick him up the sun was in my eyes and I was squinting and I guess looked mad. I started wearing sun glasses to take care of the frown. Love your posts. Granny Judy

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...


I came across your great blog (I love the photo of you two and your children with the balloons! how great is that!) and found your testimony about the birth of your beautiful children such a powerful reminder of living life in all it's fullness...

thought I'd stop by and say Hi and thank you very much indeed for this lovely review of the book. And for your part in helping to get it into more hands (big and small!)

It's so exciting to see how God is using the book. And to hear how children (and adults) are responding.

: }

(You may also be interested to know about other resources available-- a radio interview, me reading from the book (6 stories) and a blog interview about the book (with Dan Cruver). You can access these and more at my blog--tag "BIBLE".)

There are reviews, downloadable samples for anyone wanting to read more before committing to purchasing (

thanks again so much--it's great to meet you and your readers at Lots of Scotts.