Friday, August 17, 2007

Simple Reminders

P just walked into the room and announced, "God made me magic, Mommy!"
"He did?"
R joined in, "Yeah. You & Daddy pwayed and pwayed and pwayed for some kids and he gave us to you."
"Yes, He did."
K added, "We have a lot of family to love."

Thank you, God, for a beautiful reminder this morning of the GIFTS right here under my roof!


Sara Mincy said...

You kids are precious and you can tell that you are keeping God at the forefont of their minds! Good job, Mom!

Keri Ann said...

How sweet is that!?!? I bet you were fighting back joyful tears...

Christine said...

My daughter is 4 and she replaces her "r"s with "w"s too. I'll be sad when it is corrected! What blessings they are!

Embracing my cup said...

They are all little miracles!! Sweet!

We took your advice on the replacing the "pretend" fish with a real live fish! Very, very fun for them!!! Thanks for the idea!