Sunday, September 10, 2006

Love Bug

My little long-eyelashed lovebug has always had an extra special place in his heart for his Mommy. Lately, R has seriously become an appendage to my body. He doesn't want to walk anywhere in public-- he insists on being carried. He cannot sit in anyone else's lap but Mommy's. I have to push his stroller or grocery cart. I am not allowed out of his sight. His Daddy & I are really struggling with if, when & how to encourage a bit more independence in him.

Ironically, he has no problem being dropped off in the church nursery or at Mothers' Morning Out, but when I am around he is SUPER clingy. It breaks my heart to know that there will come a day when he wants nothing to do with his un-cool Mommy and I will long for his clinginess, but right now I am not sure what, if anything, I should do.
* These pictures are what I see when I look down throughout much of the day. I was wearing a khaki skirt this afternoon.

The upside to all our "quality time" is that I have heard some hilarious quotes from him in the last couple of days.

Tonight we were strolling around the neighborhood before bedtime and I said, "You know what guys? God has big plans for you. You are going to do something very special in this world." Daddy commented how thankful he was that I told them things like that, that he remembers his Mom saying the same thing to him...and that he believed it! So feeling inspired, I asked R what he was going to do for God. He looked right at me and said, "Play toys!"

I suppose we ARE told in the Bible, "Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God." :-)


HW said...

I know you are appreciating every moment with all of your children and don't need to be reminded how quickly he will indeed not want you nearby. My son is fifteen and it started gradually - with the morning school bus. "mom don't kiss me goodbye at the bus stop." then, "mom, you don't have to walk me to the bus stop. Just watch from the door." And on it went. One great thing,though...every time he leaves me he says "bye, Mom, LOVE YOU." Even when he is with his buddies. Love it, love it, love it.
P.S. we have also been informed that he will only go to the movies with us at an out of town theater. He does not want to risk being seen watching a movie with his parents by anybody he kows. But I still have that "love you, Mom" a couple times a day.

LeslieAnn said...

Jack's a mommy's boy too. On mornings when Todd lets me sleep in I can hear Jack cry when Todd gets him out of bed. He'll put his head down and say, "Mommmmmmmma!"
But when GRANDMA is around, he's like, "Momma who?"
He will grow out of it...Jack is getting better and I can actually leave now without him screaming for me at the door.
Too sweet to hear what he's thankful for! He means it! If Jack could, he'd tell me he's thankful for macaroni and cheese and the Wiggles! And he'd mean it too! :)

The Jones Family said...
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Katie said...

my appendage is named abigail... and sounds like she and ryland are very like minded. i was just talking about it with friends today... i've got to wean her in someway!
love the prayers! my boys favorite thing to pray through the years was, "God, will you play with me?"

Renee said...

I love pictures! I would have never thought to have taken them like that. At the stage we are in right now, I could have the 2yr old between the legs from the back and the 11 month old clinging on the front. Thankfully (I think), the other 2 are past this stage.

And you know, we had a friend that used to work for a toy company. Want to know what he did? Played with toys to see if they were fun! He had a brownie bake oven in his office, played in the pool with swim toys - you get the point. There is definitely a job out there for RyGuy to "Play toys!"

Teresa said...

My daughter USED to be attached to my hip. All I can say is try to enjoy it and don't get mad or frustrated at your little guy (You seem VERY patient though).

Now, she is almost 9 years old and thankfully still thinks her mother is somewhat "cool" but she's definitely grown up and away from the "clingy" stage!

He'll stop before you know it!

Amanda said...

I absolutely love coming to your site and reading about those gorgeous kiddos. Your blog always makes me smile. I don't know if anyone has told you TODAY but you are doing a great job! Those babies are blessed and what a testimony you have. God has big plans for your family!