Friday, September 01, 2006


It is really too bad I have already purchased the kiddos' Halloween costumes, because we could definitely be the poster children for Chick-fil-A. We eat at their yummy breakfast buffet every Saturday morning that Daddy is not on call. The children & I also eat lunch there once or twice a week. (TERRIBLE, I know--but we do have fresh fruit, I limit their french fries and it is the only fast food I ever allow them to have.) It is conveniently located near my house. The parking enables me to get the children in and out by myself without ever having to cross a parking lot. The kids love it...and their little 3rd percentile height & weight selves are not going to suffer from a little bit of fat here and there.

It might, however, be time to cut back if your children AT AGE TWO know 4 of the employees on a first name basis! I kid you not. The employees love hearing the trio say, "Tank you, Debbie. Tank you, Wandall. Tank you, Don. Tank you, Mawee."

Maybe I SHOULD look into some cow costumes, then again at this rate we might just morph into chickens by late October!


Renee said...

I love the fact that your kids know the employees' names! No matter what, it's teaching them to address others by their name which I am really having a tough time doing over here.

stephanie said...

I think that's just part of having toddlers and it's great! Whenever we pull into Sonic ... my favorite chicken choice because I don't even have to take the kids out of the car!! ... you can here the almost 3 year old in the backseat saying, "chicken, diiieee coke and a dr. pepper please!"

LeslieAnn said...

That is so sweet that they know their names! I have to admit that we eat out waaaaaay too much. We travel so much and I'm not a good planner so it's just too convenient. When we pass any golden arches Jack ALWAYS says, "and chicken, and fries, and coke and hamburger." It's embarrasing, really! He's off the charts with his height/weight (he is tiny)so I agree that a little fat here and there is okay for him. We're heading to the pediatrician right now and I'm anxious to see where he is on the charts (or off of them as it usually is.)

And CHEERS to the Nanny!! I would LOVE to have one and I only have one little one! So boo on anyone that doesn't like it...who couldn't use some extra hands?!

Did you say y'all lived in Birmingham at one point? We drove through B'Ham 2 days ago and I thought I'd lose my mind from all the traffic. Then I drove through Atlanta yesterday and it was much, much worse! I couldn't do it every day! I'd be dead!


Paulette said...

Tooo cute, those precious babies. Hey chick- fil-A is fine, especially when you cut the fries down lol. I love there grilled chicken.
The costumes would be halarious, make them then take the children in there, you would def make the news!!!! Who knows what could happen lol

Teresa said...

You gotta love chic-fil-a. It's the best fast food place around. I too have one very close to the house and ALL of my kids love it!

My dr. told me that kids under the age of 3 NEED fat and's brain food for them. (I wish that a doctor would tell ME that!)

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

They just opened a Chic-Fil-A down the street from our house (growing up in SC, I was always use to Chic-Fil-A, but they are late coming to CA). We've only brought our kids there once (through the drive through) and they weren't nuts about it. I've got pictures I've been meaning to post about our first McDonald's experience. It was a total bust. What kind of mother does it make me that I WISH they would like fast food?? It would make my life SO much easier, sometimes.

Re; your post below with Annie the Nanny. I have to tell you - I posted your blog on my triplet website because I've been totally blown away by the state of your house (in all your pictures), how great your yard looks, how great YOU look, how great your kids look, how they are chattering up a storm - and I had NO suspicion there was another set of hands involved. I was starting to feel like the biggest sloth on earth!! I went to my triplet group looking for a "reality check" because I wondered how many other parents had their act so well together - with a clean house to boot - like YOU do!

I think it's a wonderful thing to have an extra set of hands to help. Why NOT?! It's especially great when it's someone you like and trust. It sounds like Annie is fantastic and a real blessing for you. Let me know if she ever wants to move to San Diego, CA. :)

Perri said...

How funny! I'm ready for another voice blog entry.

JenMom said...

Oh, Jen...I am sorry I made you feel that way! That is NOT my intention by any stretch of the imagination. See this post:
At the end of the day, this blog is not so much my personal journal warts & is a scrapbook of the stuff I want to really remember...that also happens to be read by lots of people I know!

kim said...

woo-hoo! chick fil A is our all time favorite and we drive 35 minutes for it and cross parking lots in the heat, anything for that pickle and chicken on a bun! hehe. actually the nuggetts win with the kiddos but our restaurant doesn't have berakfast, bum.

altho. . .we just returned from 2 weeks away on vacation and as I drove home from my restocking-the-kitchen-Costco-run I saw a new chick fil A going up just 10 minutes from us, I nearly crashed the car I'm telling you!

Applause to you for getting out of the house and living life with those precious little ones. My take on eating out, housekeepers and nannies is this: It keeps the house so much cleaner, calmer and just plain sane-er for everyone involved! Enjoy the gift, everyday!
By the time your little ones are in High School, you'll be so thankful you took the time to spend mornings together having breakfast let alone teaching manners and having fun all at once. I treasure my times with our teens, preteens, and toddlers when I can get out and just enjoy them without having to clean up after them! hehe;_0

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

You know it's bad when your toddler can tell the difference between all of the fast food restaurants! (And knows which one has the best fries, best nuggets, etc.) But he's still skinny, and healthy, and I do squeeze in a green bean now and again:)

Kate said...

Now, that is cute! Chick-fil-A rocks. And did you know... sometimes if you dress in a cow costume, on a certain day of the month, you can get a free combo meal! (I only know this because I saw a sign posted last month when using the drive thru!)