Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Amelia Island

We just returned from spending a few days at a conference with Daddy. This was such a treat because it was at the beach, we got to ride an airplane to get there and BeeBee & Poppy came to stay with us!

It was a terrific trip.

Highlights included:

1. The Jacksonville, FL Zoo: It was wonderful...much nicer & more interactive than the Atlanta Zoo! We spent a great deal of time chatting wth "Jackson" the chimp. As the kids examined their first chimp, he seemed equally curious about triplets.

2. The airport: Although we have flown before, this time the trio was finally old enough to understand that we were flying. Watching the wonder and amazement on their faces (and hearing R's shrieks of excitement as he provided play-by-play of the take off to anyone who would listen) made dragging 150 lbs of luggage, 3 carseats, strollers and 2 year old triplets through the airport all worthwhile. While R wasn't necessarily crazy about the beach itself, the transportation involved in getting there (including the airport train and all of the construction equipment he watched working on a new runway) was right up his alley!

3. Playing on the beach: P loved the waves...getting completely soaked on each and every "walk" on the beach. K was enthralled wth collecting seashells. R was not so keen on the sand, salt water & he stuck pretty close to Mom.

4. The toy closet! We stayed at the Taylor twins' grandparents' condominium which was completely outfitted for toddlers, including a toy closet that provided endless enjoyment for the kiddos between our "beach activities."

5. Being together: We had a great being with Bee Bee & Poppy, catching up with old friends who live near Amelia & making memories as a family.


Barbie said...

Looks like so much fun:) Glad you had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I knew the pictures would be worth waiting for. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


Joscelyn said...

The picture of Ryland walking towards the water with the kids is absolutely gorgeous. I love the footprints in the sand following them. Seriously, you should submit it for a contest.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great trip! I bet the kids were excited to see new things and play with different toys.

Belle-ah said...

I think the pictures are lovely and the memories even more so!

Kate said...

oh my i love that picture with the fresh footprints in the sand. print it print it!