Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend RoundUp

Daddy & I just returned from a 28 hour lakeside getaway with our Couples Bible Study group. It was a great trip full of fun on the water, stimulating conversations and lots of laughter!

The kids had an equally exciting weekend of playing with our friends' quadruplets just a few months younger than the trio, (this is the closest I could get to 7 active 2-year olds in a picture)

a visit from BOTH sets of grandparents, (pictured with Grandmother Scott)and attending their first minor league baseball game.

I am blogging now because everyone else in the house (Daddy & dog, included) is taking a much needed nap!


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Don't you love those times when everyone, including Daddy and dog, are sleeping? My favorite! And again, I just have to point out that you are beautiful. And thin. And that gives me hope, since my stomach very clearly reveals that I've had three children:) Plastic surgeon, I'm on my way!!

Renee said...

I could not agree with more with Sarah. After 4, nothing has gone back to how it originally was. And you would think that keeping up with little ones would help a little. : ) And quiet time. Ah.... My favorite time of the day - or night. I love the picture of the kids with their grandmother. That is precious!

Patricia said...

this looks like a truly heavenly weekend. my idea of bliss.