Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gender Wars

I am learning a lot about gender differences watching these 3 grow up. Like how my P can destroy ANYTHING and my R can make a car or truck out of ANYTHING. Today he took K's bright pink hamster tunnel and stuck a workman in the top and told me it was a tractor. (complete with very masculine noises)You can tell from the look on K's face, she was not amused. If it is pink in this house, it is HER property. Never fear, she did repossess it shortly... and promptly pitched the workman out on his bum!


Paulette said...

Hey Jenmom,
I have to have my fix of these precious darlings before I retire for the night. I was thinking as I read todays post that it is like a favorite book, I always want to get back to it to see what new the day has brought. I absolutely love it!!!
My friend is very crafty and she litterally wrote each of her children a book about thier childhoods, I could see you doing that with this journal. You are an awesome mom.
Be Blessed

Perri said...

Throw the plastic bum out - everybody knows there's no such thing as a pink tractor! what wa he thinking?

Tammy said...

Every time I come, it is just too cute!
I only have girls, so do not get to see first hand, the gender wars...this was halarious!

Addie said...

That is very cute! It's good to be Queen! ;-)