Monday, July 24, 2006

Simple Things

Oh, Sidewalk Chalk, we love thee.
Let us count the ways
You've kept us happily engaged
on pleasant Summer days.

With your help we've enjoyed
learning all our ABCs .
You've also led us to plenty of dusty,
dirty & scraped up knees.

We've had lots of practice at coloring in the lines,

But Mom's favorite part is the infrequency of our whines.

Mommy feels such joy
when we are creatively occupied,
If only sidewalk chalk
were allowed to be used inside!


Paulette said...

I think the chalk is still wet!! You are so creative mom!!! LOL did you put the yellow sign out in the street? Those are some precious memories you are making!!
I just love your blog. Enjoy those babies.

JenMom said...

The sign is in our driveway. I do it to mark to them how far they are allowed to go...and to warn the UPS man, mailman, meter reader, etc...that they are out playing.
I am really not that creative, I just have to think of things to do at my "in home preschool." "-)

Alison said...

Well aren't you talented! Chaulk is a favorite here too!

The Grubbs said...

I love the poem! And the pictures go with it perfectly!

Renee said...

I love your creativity! What a great way to incorporate learning and the outdoors.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Adorable ... I love the poem!!!

I'm thinking that you are extremely brave to have the 3 of them in the driveway (?). I'd be worried ours would SPRINT out in to the street. At 26-months (?) maybe they know better than to do that ...?

Leslie said...

I found you through my friend Sarah, WOW! What a great idea. When we get into our house, I'm going to buy sidewalk chalk. (right now we are in an apartment.)

JenMom said...

Seriously, sidewalk chalk has been used to teach ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors--they love it and it is so easy & inexpensive.
As far as staying out of the street, we have a fairly long driveway and we have practiced for a few months now. I definitely don't trust them to stay in the driveway unattended, but they seem to understand their boundary (which is a good distance off the street)