Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Brother's Keeper

The bond my children share is a curious thing. I am not sure it is any more or less than what other siblings share...but it is very entertaining to observe as they get older and are able to really communicate what is bothering them.

When they wake up, the first thing they do is look for each other. When we drop P off for his therapy, K & R always repeat his name over and over to me in a very worried tone--like I just left him or forgot about him or something. If I am handing out treats of any variety (popsicles, stickers, juice) the first recipient is always telling me who has not gotten their treat yet. You get the idea.

Even with this background, tonight's little episode touched me. There are three cribs in the nursery, but we keep an extra bed in the guest room for whoever is going through a rough patch with early rising. (There is ALWAYS someone awake in my house by 6am--Ouch!) The theory is that the early riser will be less likely to wake everyone else up if they are in another room.

Since R has been the source of the 5:40 wake ups for the past 3 days, his predecessor P was rotated back into the nursery & R began his stint in "the green room." Daddy & I have been talking up the green room all day--and R seemed excited. So, I rotated out P's blanket and put R to bed. Well, as I put him in the bed he started HOWLING, sobbing & screaming "MOMMMMEEEEEEEE!" Hopeful that he would calm down I went to kiss the other 2 goodnight and I heard through intense sobs & sniffles, "Mommeeee! P! Doggee! Mommmeeee!" I had inadvertently left P's lovie (a little stuffed dog) behind and sweet R knew P needed it (even before P did.) I walked back in the room to find R hanging out of the crib with his arms stretched out towards me with the dog. "P (sniff) doggee (sniff) (sniff)!" As soon as I took it out of his hands he let out a big sigh, laid down & closed his eyes.

What kindness & compassion! It blesses my heart to see hints of their character being developed. (Now if we could just tackle gentleness, patience & self control! :-)


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

This is the kind of thing that immediately brings tears to eyes . . .and makes raising children so rewarding! Someday, our children's parents will be gone, but their siblings will still be there. All the more reason to foster great relationships between them!

(And is that YOU in the pink/red swimsuit in an earlier post? If that is, I need to know how on earth you are that THIN after having three babies!!!)

Paulette said...

Wha a sweet Post. I love so much reading your blog. I feel like I know your children. I have always been fascinated with multiple births. You are so lucky, They are precious.
I thought little Ryguy would be screaming not being with the other two!! You are doing an awesome job.

Perri said...

How incredibly sweet. I hope they always look out for each other like that.

Tammy said...

I am visiting here for the first, just reading this story makes me want to cry. (In fact, reading your bio wanted to make me cry, too!)
I have often heard of the special bond multiples get to witness this first hand. You are so blessed!
Like you, I started my blog for only friends and family originally but just last week decided to let it be public. I will definately check back here to see how life with your three little sweeties are doing!
Happy 4th!
God's blessings...

BooMama said...

That totally brought tears to my eyes. To see those sweet little empathetic hearts start to take shape...such a blessing. And so encouraging, too.

Patricia said...

this leaves me with much hope for our world.