Friday, June 23, 2006

Power Outage

Last night we had a power outage for a couple of hours and the kiddos and I had a blast playing together in the dark. These images are cloudy, but sort of artsy. I turned the flash off to capture the true mood of playing in the dark.

I was reminded of my own childhood memories of the fun we had during power outages. It is really hitting home that they are getting old enough they might actually remember some of this!

Lots of giggles, a bit of wrestling, silly dancing around the lantern, fun memories!


sarah said...

Your blog is really inspiring and wonderful to read. Best of luck with your three precious gifts!!

Sarah (just passing through)

Perri said...

Jenn, sometimes we have been known to turn out all the lights and just pretend there's no power. The kids love to eat dinner by the light of the oil lamps.

Looks like your kiddos are well on their way to this same trait.

Alison said...

We use glow sticks when we have a power outage and head to the family room to play star wars.... I'm the only one wishing I were tucked into my bed!