Friday, April 28, 2006

ABC Yea!

P's new thing is practicing his numbers and letters while he falls asleep. His Daddy & I listened to him for about 5 minutes last night (over the monitor) practicing the alphabet.

I quote: "A B C D E F O P Q R S T U V Now ABC YEA!!!!!!!"

This morning during quiet time I keep hearing: "6 7 8 9 10 YEA!"

Hearing that sweet little voice practicing and being so pleased with himself absolutely melts my heart!

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Kate said...

ohhh i just love their little minds at work and hearing them voice it out. so so cute! (especially when learning abc's and numbers!) yesterday i had to run in a store for some hair cutting scissors. when it was time to leave, i had all by my side but for my youngest. he had to stop and count all of the bright colored bottles of nailpolish. he got up to 17 and then he said, 22, 31, 76, and 100!