Friday, April 28, 2006

Better Than My Fairy Tale

I am in contact with a woman who is currently pregnant with triplets and on bedrest at the same hospital where I spent 8.5 weeks as a patient (at this exact same time 2 years ago). It is so strange to receive her updates and relive the boredom of 2 months of bedrest, the discomfort of a huge tummy, the anxiety of trying to keep 3 babies cooking until they were ready to enter the world and the bewilderment at how our lives would be forever changed by their birth.
I wish I could accurately convey the emotions I am feeling, but with misty eyes all I can say is we had NO idea what we were in for. The joy, the giggles, the soft baby skin, first steps, first words, sleepless nights, the NICU, my complications, their kisses, the questions from strangers, exhaustion, the way I feel when they say : "I wub ooo, Mommy."
You get the picture...
Two incredible years later, we have stained clothes, dirty faces, skinned knees, strong opinions and the joy and excitement of discovering this great big world one caterpillar at a time.

This is NOT the fairy tale I wrote for myself as a little girl...It is something infinitely better.
God is sooo good!


Perri said...

Their expressions are always so sweet. I know you are having more fun than you ever dreamed possible.

Kate said...

Awww, can I just tell you how gigantic my goosebumps are right now?!! How beautifully put. God IS ALWAYS good!

terrible speller said...

wow. I remember visiting you at the hospital. You had the best attitude. Can't believe it's been two years. You're kids are just precious. You are an incredible woman!

Wendy said...

You're children are beautiful! I had to smile at the "I wub ooo mommy" because I remember my kids saying it the same way. Children are such perfect gifts from God!