Sunday, May 17, 2015

Party of Seven

In 1986 when my class at Ladonia Elementary School took the Presidential Fitness Test I measured 49 lbs and 49 inches. As a 6th grader, that was very small. Predictably, I spent a lot of time on the bench in sports endeavors and waiting to be picked for playground games. I can still envision the dusty pavement I would stare down at as I waited for my name to be called...always among the last two.

For the last couple of weeks we have been waiting for a different kind of selection--a match of our family/home with a foster child in crisis. Ironically I was back on dusty ground at a baseball game Wednesday when we got the call--as I stared down at the gravel the caller informed me that we'd been matched with two little girls who needed a place of refuge-- and we've spent the last 5 days adjusting to being a family of 7.

As challenging as our first placement was, this one has been precious. My home has been infiltrated by lots of braids, baby dolls, Elsa, Anna, balloons, stickers, painted toenails
and a love of dresses!

The spare room where we prayed now has sweet heads in its rumpled beds (and salvaged party balloons tied to it.)

We are finding a new rhythm and morning routine. Our family dynamic is shifting to include a couple of new personalities. Our Suburban and our dinner table are full. I can't really discuss my laundry situation...Yikes!

There are far more questions than answers at this point:

How long will they be here? (It may be several months.)
Will the shine wear off? (So far they've been precious additions.)
How will the start of family visits impact their feelings about us? (We are pulling for their family to heal and be put back together.)
How will we all impact each other's hearts?
What will Summer look like with FIVE kids!?!

All of that will come in time...and it is a great lesson for this planner girl. THIS is the day the Lord has made. I must live, love, obey, serve right HERE. Tomorrow will come and the Lord will be there.

Until then, I'm brushing up on little girl life, holding pudgy hands and learning a lot about Frozen :-)


Julie Allen said...

Prayer for the journey of mentoring two little girls and for the family that has a difficult season to face. And prayers for all of you as family visitation begins.

Gina said...

I admire you for being a foster parent. The world needs more people like you and your family!

Me said...

Wow! We too got a call at a baseball game this week about two children bringing our total to 7! We are trying to work out the best bedtime routines and probably won't be eating out for awhile, but otherwise enjoying the chaos. God bless you!

The Rohman Family said...

Oh, if nothing else, I wish I could just come and help you do some laundry. May God bless this incredibly special time with your new family members.

Aja said...

Loving your attitude to enjoy this day! A great reminder for us all, no matter what season we're in.

Jennifer said...

That is a cute room!!! Hope everything continues to go well for the kids, your own children and the experience all together. You can do it!!!

Arlene said...

Jmom, one of the best books I have read this year is The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. So often we feel we should say Yes when it is not the Best Yes. The best yes in your situation was waiting for the right placement. I feel lots of pressure to please people and too often I have said yes when I should have said no. So glad these little girls are in your care...I know you are all receiving a blessing.

Jill said...

Just now seeing this....prayers for you all during this eventful and wonderful time.