Sunday, August 24, 2014

Road Trips Instead of Roses

This weekend I accepted my husband's invitation to accompany him (kid free) to a work conference on the Georgia Coast. While he spent 10 hours in meetings, I caught up on long-postponed tasks in the quiet of a hotel room. I walked just a bit on the beach each morning and was able to spend some quality time with an old friend who lives in the area. But my absolute favorite part of the trip was 12 hours (out of the 48 we were away) in the car.

We laughed, we dreamed, we planned. We listened to news radio and discussed current events. I read articles aloud to him. We even discussed our wills! I couldn't help but laugh at how stereotypically middle aged we have become. And yet, it was so very good for my soul.

I remembered all over again that we are on the same team...and I am grateful for it.

When I was in my 20s, I thought of romance the way it is often portrayed in novels or splashed across the big screen--epic, dramatic. I am a product of the generation that grew up on protagonists with Peter Gabriel blaring from boomboxes out in the rain. I dated people who were big on presentation and kapow--and realized that sometimes it was more about how it made them feel than it was about me.

I didn't marry a rose petals on the bed kind of guy. Instead, I married a man I can hop in a car with and not particularly worry about where it is headed--because I trust him. I love him. Even when on strange side roads we didn't plan on, I know he will lead us well and absolutely honor me in the process.

His loving gestures happen day in and day out--in the way he prioritizes and orders his life. My man is much more practical than splashy--and I am grateful for that. I pray this is the type of relationship my children hold out for...where the joy is in the companionship on the journey, regardless of the destination or challenges along the way.

Turns out this middle aged Mama isn't searching for a dramatic tango or a place to get my groove back...I just need the gift of devoted time with my faithful man.

And returning home to reminders of just how many people benefit from this investment is icing on the cake.

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Denise Ross said...

Hi Jen
I love the journey to the destination more because like you I get of spend time with my husband just chatting, dreaming planning. It's time we wouldn't get doing the normal routine. I love the middle age thing. Great soul time. Denise