Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Haven't Given Up on Blogging

I've had great intentions--even a few posts I started writing before being pulled away.
But, we have been a bit busy making memories this week.

A family surf lesson off the coast of Hawaii was definitely an adventure. (Getting here and adjusting to a 6 hour time difference even more so!) Our trip hasn't without its bumps and scrapes, but what on Earth in real life ever is?

Even this old Mama made it up a few times--before falling victim to seasickness. Pathetic but true that my motion sickness even covers being on a surfboard... Who knew?

We've also been up to a great deal of exploring on land--lava tubes and seaside trails.
This is the good stuff.
 I want to preserve memories with my camera and this blog--but even moreso with my heart.

I read once that the beauty of intentional family time is that you have a captive audience with your children--free from many of the normal distractions. After a busy season, I am so grateful for an escape with my tribe. To regroup. Reconnect. Realign.

My heart is full.

Much more memory making in progress. Be back soon!


Gail said...

Enjoy making lots of family memories. Some of our best memories were made during family vacations!
Annapolis, MD

HW said...

Hawaii is magical. Our son is stationed in Japan and we were able to meet him on Oahu for Christmas. You are right - the jet lag is difficult. And what a LONG flight. But oh so amazing. I hope you find some sea turtles!! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I get sick sitting on my surfboard also, so don't worry - you aren't the only one!