Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reflecting on the Gift of Snow

Last week we enjoyed another super Georgia surprise snow. The ice missed us and we enjoyed 4 inches of the good stuff.

It started falling as the children were going to bed. There was something magical about standing outside on my front porch and watching all the dry, dead grass and plants be covered with a blanket of pure white--like they were being made new.

The snow drastically disrupted our schedules. It was dangerous, unpredictable and inconvenient.
But it was also a beautiful forced pause in our lives...
The snow has all melted away here. Today it is even predicted to be in the 60s, but before I got completely sucked back in to the crazy I wanted to remember the gift.
Four inches of frozen precipitation allowed for a different (softer, purer) perspective on the otherwise familiar...and for that I am grateful.

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