Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Southern Snow Days

There is just something about the snow here in the deep South that brings out the inner child in me. I am not immune to its many hassles--the gear, the cold, the cabin fever--and this is to say nothing of the extraordinary difficulties this particular storm brought to so many. Yet, I am grateful for its visit. 
I marvel that the same weather pattern that brought such trials and suffering to some, brought such joy and fun to others. It is one of the anomalies of life.  
But in the last 30 hours, we have enjoyed the unexpected gifts of the white stuff.  
Memory making
Family time
Neighborhood friends
Cancelled school and modified work schedules 
And even as I sigh at the mounds of wet clothing and wonder what I am going to do with the kiddos all day heart knows to breathe this in.
As with so much of life (especially unplanned circumstances), there is a choice to make: resist it or embrace it. Just as the snow surprised us and now lingers, I choose to joyfully follow its lead...letting these memories sink in.

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HW said...

I am one of those rare Norhtherners who has never grown tired of snow, for just the reasons you've listed. A snow day makes us turn inward and embrace what we have right there in front of us every day, yet are usually too busy to notice. Your pictures are lovely and I'm glad you and your family are safe and snug during this rare winter weather. I continue to pray for those are struggling through this event.