Sunday, December 08, 2013

This Mama's Christmas Prayer

Lord, in this season where we proclaim Your gifts of peace, love and joy may we not forget to be beacons of that to those we hold most dear.

I am convicted that I feel it all starting to sweep me away. As I talk to my children about the real meaning of the season--I cringe that there are discrepancies in the way they see me respond to it all. I tell them it is about Jesus and the way He changed the world--but I want them to see how He is still changing me. So, this morning (and maybe every morning for the next few weeks), I pray.

When I look at the calendar and the countless details and lists of things we need to bring for this gathering or that, when I start to feel the anxiety welling up within my chest, I pray your will give me a grounding perspective of PEACE.

As the endless supply of sugar, changes in schedule and electric excitement of the season have my children bouncing off the walls, when the stress of those around me begins to collide into mine, may I show your unchanging LOVE.

Instead of heavy sighs at what needs to be done next--I pray that you will bless me with the ability to be fully present in the moment--with JOY.

The holidays are a bustling time, but they don't have to be crazy. There are so many (wonderful, fun) distractions. I pray my eyes will stay steadfastly focused on what is important--Your Light in and through me--365 days a year.



Jennifer said...

So true! I needed this. Feeling the stress of the season but one all day all too soon there will not be gifts to buy and wrap. Instead, I'll put money in an envelope. Trying to focus on that when I get overwhelmed by all the to-do's.

Brandy Garner said...

Well said! I so needed to read this this morning.

Denise Ross said...

Amen Jen. I feel exactly where you're at, since I'm there too. Much love and hugs sister x

Maria(h) said...

With the help of your post about FB and the onset of Advent, I disabled my FB account last Sat. Best thing for my family. I feel myself, calendar full, meeting each day with much more presence of mind. And in the middle of it all find time to sit on the floor with the boys and Legos.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Merry Christmas Jennifer!

Mary Lou said...

Amen and Amen...this applies to all of old ones and you young mothers. Keeping our eyes on Him and showing Him every day is important but I think really more so at this season of the year. We need to let others see Him in us and not our flesh..of complaining of all we have to do etc. You are a wise young woman and God is blessing your little family.