Sunday, August 25, 2013

When You've Forgotten the Words

Our family spent this weekend in North Georgia at Young Life's camp Sharptop Cove for a committee leadership retreat. The camp speaker, Shelly Sadler, encouraged us all with her talks about faith, outreach and the character of God, but the video clip she showed this morning really touched me. (It is apparently 7 years old but I'd never seen it.)

When the singer begins to struggle I cringed. Haven't we all been there? For me, it has mercifully not been while singing a solo in front of a televised crowd, but there are other moments that can seem to feel as horrifying and heavy. At work. In my home. In relationships. Moments where I have simply blow it.

Sometimes we get off track, are overwhelmed and metaphorically forget the words. And how powerful a ministry when someone comes along side prove to us that we are not alone and to help us remember.

Mo Cheeks is not a vocalist, but he was a wonderful friend to Natalie Gilbert that day. With his hand on her shoulder, his kindness and leadership not only calmed her down enough to regroup, but led to the whole crowd joining in. What an example for us all in the seemingly smaller moments of our lives.

Serving and reaching out to others is one of the key components of the Christian life. I loved this reminder that our words and our presence are often our greatest assets in meaningful contact with others.

I was challenged in the course of my ordinary days to look for those who need to be reminded they aren't alone and who need a little help remembering the Words.


Kari Browder said...

I love this! I experience that feeling daily it seems. Thanks for sharing.

Kari Browder said...
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dee said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Linda said...

I want to go along-side...and be an encourager like that!