Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quads for a While

A highlight of growing up on a family compound of sorts was that each of my twelve cousins would eventually make their way to Grandmama's house. Although Lee & Rod, the sons of my Mom' oldest brother, always lived outside of Alabama, each Summer they would come to stay at Grandmama's for a month. My little sister and I loved the arrival of our older cousins because the testosterone they brought led to epic games of Hide & Seek, flashlight tag and the occasional fig war (which resulted in baseboard cleaning at Grandmama's.)

After years of very little communication, Rod & I reconnected a few years ago via facebook. He's been in New Mexico for several years now. Months ago he shared how much of a touchstone to his childhood (and feelings of Southern roots) those weeks in Alabama had been. Out of those sweet memories, a plot was hatched for his only child, B, to come and experience some "Southern exposure" this Summer.

She arrived Sunday for a three week stint with our family...and she has quickly become a 'quad.'

Nine and a half years ago when the ultrasound revealed three babies, there was an instant where we thought there might be one more. Many times since I have wondered if we would always just be a party of five. It is fun to spend a season with one more around the family table--and an extra to tuck in at night.
In 48 hours we've swam, canoed, caught lightening bugs, water gun battled, painted toes, played with hair, visited the pet store and generally had a tree house, bike riding, Summery time. We have a very full agenda over the next three weeks. B may even be saying ya'll & "Roll Tide" by the time we return her to Santa Fe. :-)
I am learning to prepare an extra plate, count an additional head and appreciate what yet another spunky little one adds to our mix.  
Here's to family traditions, far away cousins and adventure! (and maybe even a little rest in the mix :)


swittersonstilts said...

You've a great gift for beautifully articulating the wondrous gems that are to often perceived as the mundane. The huge "wow" moments are few and far between and easily recognized...to recognize all of the little moments of beauty and joy that happen to us daily and to be able to truly delight in them and appreciate them is a gift. Thanks again cousin, to you and your family, Brooke will never forget this and it means the world to me that she is having this experience even if it means that I'm without her for awhile.

The Amazing Trips said...

What a beautiful family! And how lucky for K that she has a "sister" for a while. I'm sure they're going to have such a wonderful time together!

Jacob Max said...

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