Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Note from the Journey

Greetings from the Pacific Ocean! This travel loving couple is blissfully enjoying a wonderful journey. We spent yesterday in Grenada, Nicaragua
and today in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica where we were able to zip line through the jungle canopy and have real encounters with monkeys. (Can you hear me squealing!?! Loved it!)
We've seen sunrises and sunsets from aboard this amazing tall sailing ship and I confess that we are actually at complete peace with this break from our trio. Our calls home have been met with enthusiastic, happy children. Everybody seems to be not just be doing OK, but thriving.
And, somewhat surprisingly, my favorite part of the trip so far has been my travelling companions.  A refreshed, relaxed husband without a pager--and an amazing group of fellow travelers have proven to be as therapeutic as the sun and the sights.

When we signed up, we literally knew NO ONE  else who would be on this ship. Imagine our surprise to be joined by a collection of authentically inspirational people.
Each time we sit down to get to know another couple we are delighted to learn they are authors, marriage counselors, or overseers of amazing ministries, young life leaders, survivors, group home directors, pastors, chick-fil-a operators, sailors, actors, filmmakers and photographers with the common theme of a love for the Lord and an enthusiasm for marriage and family. They range in age from 22-75 with marriages ranging from 3 months to 50 years.
It is a reminder of what a huge influence your travelling companions can have on your journey. I am inspired by the stories of the men and women I have gotten to know so far. The Lord has worked in many different ways in their various lives--and yet His Hand is so obvious despite the unique circumstances and gift of each.
It seems easy to attribute my travelling companions on the ship to God's sovereignty--why should His Hand in my 'real life' seem any different? Just as we signed up not knowing with whom we would be travelling, we don't usually have the luxury of handpicking our travel companions on the journey of life.
I am challenged to slow down long enough to listen to the equally amazing stories in the lives of the people around me at home...I fear I am just too distracted by less meaningful things to pause and notice.
I am always amazed that it takes getting away for me to grasp some of the most basic truths. Humans are wired for community--to connect and learn from one another. Of course this seems to begin with marriage and family, but extends intergenerationally, cross-culturally, and outside the lines of our comfort zones. There are abundant blessings to be found. Doing so in beautiful surroundings is just a bonus! 

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