Sunday, January 13, 2013

Observations Inside the OR

I keep thinking that I am going to have a lightening bolt moment where the summary statement of our time in Honduras comes to me. I really, really like a neat little package with a lesson at the end. Increasingly, God is taking me down paths where it just isn't quite that simple.

I am even having trouble writing about life in general because I want neat & tidy messages, but my heart has a lot of loose ends right now. (I am finding that's actually not a bad thing.)

I realized while flipping through pictures tonight, that I haven't even written about one of the most remarkable occurrences from our trip.  After 15 years together, I finally got to go into the Operating Room and see the man I love in a whole new light...literally.
From scrubbing in, to all of the pre-op preparations, it felt a bit surreal to be finally entering his sacred space.
 The case I observed was amazing on many levels. The patient turns 4 today. His complaint was extreme belly pain. The culprit was a massive tumor the size of a Thanksgiving turkey. 
(I really debated whether or not to post a photo of the tumor because I don't want to gross anyone consider yourself warned. If you are intrigued, keep scrolling. If not. Stop now.)
This entire mass is a benign tumor that was inside the belly of a sweet little boy.
Yes, that is ALL tumor.
While my children watched Spanish cartoons in the tiny call room across the hall, I watched my husband's skills change this little boy's life.
(This is the 'after' photo.)
His resemblance to my R was absolutely uncanny. As my husband & Dr. Nasralla worked carefully to remove this mass, I snapped away with my camera and prayed for that baby as if he were my own. The following day when I was introduced to the patient's grateful father I was able to tell him so.
I have always respected my husband's calling. I know the unbelievable amount of hours he works, the research he does from home, the phone calls with biopsy results he is constantly making, the sacrifices he makes to serve...but something about entering that sterile sacred space to watch the delicate work took it to a whole new level.
It was all so intense for me..and yet he does this several times a day, 5-7 days a week.
It is so clearly his call--what God built him to do. It inspired me to affirm my husband more in his--and to look for ways to do so for others around me in their unique calls.
To the teacher whose students are never far from her mind/heart--who is in the zone when she is helping little brains love learning.
To the grocery store employee whose smile and general helpfulness is a blessing to people as they go about their mundane days.
To the artist whose creativity is a reflection of the incredible creativity of our God.
To the faithful friend who anticipates needs and meets them before they are ever spoken, a beautiful reminder that they are paying attention and they care.
To the parent who puts their own self interests aside time and time again in order to serve their family with little fanfare.
There are pictures of God's gifting in the people all around us.
The body is an amazing thing.
Let's pause to notice and to affirm one another.
It's a sweet slice of joy!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

So beautiful!! Well, except for the tumor. Um, ick.

Traci said...

Oh my word. I admire your ability to photograph and not pass out!

Bethany said...

Whoa, now that was COOL!! I've always wondered what a tumor actually looks like.