Thursday, January 03, 2013

Honduras: Days 1 & 2

Our journey to Honduras was safe and relatively easy. Due to an early flight, we travelled to Atlanta Tuesday night and found a hotel with transport to the airport. Wednesday morning we loaded our five selves, six carry-ons and NINE huge bags onto the shuttle and made our way to the airport.

We were not exactly travelling light! You should have seen the looks and stares as this Jed Clampett type caravan made its way through the airport.

In our defense, only four bags were clothing. One of the goals of this trip was to deliver supplies. An American company that manufactures surgical equipment generously granted a request for $70,000 worth of supplies--under the requirement that it was transported and used by the requesting physician.

Once we arrived in country we took the 2 1/2 hour drive to the city where we are are staying, Siguatepegue. If you have never been to Central America, the road rules (or complete lackthereof) are absolutely terrifying. Our host, a lovely octogenarian, was unphased, even when scenes like this played out around us.

What you cannot see in the photo is that there were people on bicycles on either side of this narrow, winding road as well, leaving no room for error on the hairpin turns. (The fact that I was able to take photographs rather than freaking out is the best indication I can offer for how frequently situations like this occur.)

And the fact that this sibling silliness was going on the backseat despite the death-defying drive is proof that the kids are learning that it is a normal part of life here too. :)

Thursday morning, my husband started his service at Hospital Evangelico by seeing a handful of patients. He will operate on them tomorrow.

While he saw patients, the children and I played lots of games and explored the hospital compound. It is amazing how creative kids can be when they are unplugged!
A little percussion session with items collected in the backyard.

This afternoon we were able to visit a wonderful church/school/orphanage founded and run by an incredible God-fearing woman from Augusta, Georgia.

Rhonda's testimony of complete obedience despite the odds (and even common sense in some cases) was a gift to my heart. She is currently parenting 18 children like these beauties.

She told me incredible stories of God's provision and her faithful perseverance--including literally purchasing one of her boys so that he wouldn't fall into evil hands. Her story was inspiring and challenging. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing some one so fully live out their purpose to the glory of God!

The school she founded offers a free bilingual Christian education to 270 of the most impoverished children in the region. I was struck by some of the simplest things we take for granted---like the lines of cups in every classroom to insure that the children brush their teeth at school because it will not happen at home.

The testimonies of hope and restoration that God has used the school to bring to the surrounding community were amazing! We are hoping to return Tuesday so my trio can attend classes for a bit.
(And P wants to return to see his new friend, Sasha the dog.)

With our host, Dr. Nahim Nasralla, a native Honduran who practiced general surgery in the U.S. for 40 years before returning to Hospital Evangelico.
In true central American style, the children and I do not know what tomorrow holds...but we are so grateful for an opportunity to see this land and these people. After spending time with Rhonda today and witnessing how she trusts Him for everything each day, trusting Him with my agenda for tomorrow is put in a whole new perspective.

The enormity of God's love is so apparent when we enter a world very different from our own and find much evidence of His Presence and His Work. So many lessons to be learned...


Jill said...

Thank you for being open to God's calling to GO FORTH... Your willingness to serve gives me the confidence to do it in the small and big things in my own life.
Praying that God who knows what tomorrow will hold, will do big things with your day tomorrow.
You are right where He has planted you. Praise be to god!

piperparadise said...

Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see experience this journey with you via your wonderful blog.

Sara said...

So fun to live this adventure through you. Praying that God will show you what He has planned for you in Honduras, tomorrow and in the future!